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FaithWriters July 2014 
"News & Information for the Write Brained Christian" 
Today's Devotional and the Newest Member E-books Included

Congratulations Winners! Best of the Best Annual Winners, Quarterly Challenge Winners and 
Free Reads for Review Winners Listed Below
The First Mixed Blessings Book, Simple Pleasures, is out, and we could not be more excited. New Release filled with FaithWriters top Challenge winners

At last! The long wait is over. The first of the new “Writing Challenge” books, Mixed Blessings Simple Pleasures, has been released, and what a book it is. With one hundred bite-sized stories, articles, and poems, by over fifty fantastic FaithWriters Challengeers including the talented Jan Ackerson, Kenn Allan, Teri Wilson, Beth LaBuff, Melanie Kerr, and a whole lot more, this makes a perfect bedside book or gift. There really is something for every Christian reader in a Mixed Blessings book.

Simple Pleasures is the first in the constantly growing Mixed Blessings series from Breath of Fresh Air Press. Each book is compiled almost entirely from our Writing Challenge Editors’ Choice winners over the last seven years. To date, there are over 460 authors involved in this massive project, with 2,900 articles in 29 books. Each quarter of the Writing Challenge will add more authors to the list, and another hundred articles.

Writing Challenge Coordinator and owner of Breath of Fresh Air Press, Deb Porter, says, “These books have been a long time coming, but I wanted them to perfect, and our first book, Mixed Blessings—Simple Pleasures, is worth the wait. I love everything about it. It is a delight from start to finish. I have too many favorites to list.”

Deb also mentioned that through the preparation of this first book, she has rediscovered the amazing talent of some old FaithWriters members, and is now working on book projects with three of the authors featured in this first book.

Mixed Blessings books are another excellent reason to enter the weekly Writing Challenge, which begins again after a brief hiatus on July 10. Apart from the main benefit of honing your skill by writing to topic, word count and deadline, and the possibility of winning a cash prize each quarter (or even becoming the Best of the Best each July), there is also the possibility of having your work published. And who knows? Deb may rediscover you, too. So if you haven’t entered the Challenge in a while, or maybe never tried it at all, jump on it. You never know where it may lead.

Although the Challenge is the best way to be included in a Mixed Blessings book, there are ways to sneak into one much sooner, as did Helen Curtis, Robyn Burke, and Marty Wellington with Simple Pleasures. “There are times an eligible author is not able to be contacted, even after extensive efforts and super sleuthing,” Deb said. “On those occasions, we need to put a call out for gap-filler articles, stories, and poems. So keep an eye out in the FaithWriters forums, Facebook page, Twitter, and Breath of Fresh Air Press for those special opportunities.”

Book 2, Mixed Blessings—Classically Inspired, is due to be released in October this year.

Testimony Book - Trials and Triumphs 
Available in our store & on Amazon 
The Powerful and Personal Testimonies of Forty FaithWriters 

Support fellow members by getting a copy of this inspiring book, which contains 40 true stories from members who live for Jesus no matter what. These testimonies are powerful and encouraging, and maybe just what you need to strengthen your faith. Check it out!

Currently Accepting Submissions 
for our Second Book of Testimonies (8-15-14 Deadline).
If your entry was not chosen last year, please polish it up and consider entering it again this year. If you have a true story you want to share, this is the perfect way to do it. Get full submission guidelines here: 
Receive a Discount on a Xulon Publishing Package 

For the first time, this year's Best of the Best Challenge winners are all guys! Congratulations to these talented men:

1ST PLACE ($300) The Horse's Rear End by Graham Insley

2ND PLACE ($100) Use Before… by Gerald Shuler

3RD PLACE ($75) Nature Speaks by Kenn Allan

Each of the following winners received great satisfaction for their writing efforts and a $50.00 cash prize

Level 1 Beginner
The Misanthrope’s Practical Guide to Avoiding Close Friendships - Diane Bowman(Bestie Challenge)

Level 2 Intermediate
My Side of the Wall - Gracie Sparks (First World Problem Challenge)

Level 3 Advanced
Digital Despair - Gregory Kane (Digital Detox Challenge)

Level 4 Masters
An Ode to Technology (Or Not . . .) - Joanne Sher (Digital Detox Challenge)


Our first Free Reads Contest is over and it was a huge success with many reviews being written to help our members market their books. Now we have our winners:

First prize ($150.00) for reading and reviewing the most books (29) goes to Dee Kyalo. 

Second place and ($100.00) goes to Wendy Mclain as our random draw winner. 

We had several people who reviewed numerous books and we are very grateful. You have done a great job helping and encouraging your fellow members. Thanks to all who participated. Keep your eyes open for a new (different structure) Free Reads Contest soon. 

Now that this contest is over don't let it stop you from reading books in the program. There are many titles to choose from! You'll find e-books on several Christian subjects, as well as books that will help you improve as a Christian writer. There are even children's books, too. For those short on time, there are several quick and easy reads. You can find these and more here:

The 2014 Page Turner Contest is open!

Calling all non-fiction writers! The eighth annual Page Turner Contest is now open for submissions! All that’s required is the first chapter of your completed or just-started non-fiction manuscript, along with a synopsis of the entire book. This could be just what you need to spur you on to fulfilling that dream of being a publishing author! You have plenty of time to enter, but now is a great time to start brainstorming, plotting, and outlining. Deadline is October 31st, 2014. Winners will be announced in December.

First Prize: $800 cash, editing of your entire manuscript, and more!
For complete guidelines, visit the official contest page: PAGE TURNER

Faithwriters Member Discounts 25% Platinum, 15% Gold, 5% Silver

CBM Christian Book Marketing offers discounts for FaithWriters Members. Here you will find great author-related services like book reviews, book review marketing, author press releases, submission and marketing, author article blasts, book trailer productions, and a whole lot more!
Christian Fiction Contest is Open

1) PLATINUM MEMBER CONTEST – Fiction entries with a sound biblical message

If you have completed a manuscript or have an idea for a fiction book with a sound underlying Biblical message, this contest is for you. Simply submit at least the first chapter by November 30, 2014. There will be one winning entry, and the author will receive a Xulon publishing package. Click on the following link for full details:
FaithWriters Daily Bible Devotional has a Very Large Audience 

You can receive many different Bible devotionals by email. But there are few left that allow people to place it on their website, where it updates automatically. Our devotional is on thousands of websites around the world. Most of the sites are church websites but there are also many very unique sites like the LAPD wives's association and other police and fire sites. To get an idea take a look HERE.

We are currently seeking some additional regular devotional writers who would like to spread God's Word and encourage and build up the body of Christ. This is a great exposure opportunity and your work will be read around the world. Go HERE for details on submitting or subscribing.

Be a blessing to someone today by letting others pray for 
you or by praying for them!
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The newly updated and expanded version of this award-winning title is packed with valuable information on promoting books in the unique Christian marketplace. This is the essential resource for anyone involved in producing and promoting Christian books.You will find many great ideas you need to market your book, and FaithWriters has negotiated a member discount . 

Great Multitude Daily Bible Devotional
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Humble Servant
By C D Swanson

And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted. (Matthew 23:12 KJV)

When the Lord humbles us it's most likely to reveal how dependent we are on Him. It's His process of eliminating our "self-centered" ideas and pursuits which highlight our "own accomplishments." It's His way of bringing us to the true purpose in our lives.

A humble person is small in their own eyes. They exalt the needs of others above their own. And, they desire to fulfill God’s will for their life above anything else. This is the path of Christians fulfilling our roles which should emulate His ways in all that we endeavor in life.
Humility is contrary in a world that’s all about showcasing ones accomplishments. A person with wisdom of God will conduct their behavior accordingly, and be welcome to all they encounter because of the light shining from within.

A proud, boastful individual is not in alignment with God's ways. Whereas a proud person exalts himself, a humble person is exalted by God. A humble heart is open to give freely; a proud person seeks that which will benefit them. It's not a "walk-on-me-like-a-rug" mentality. Instead, it’s a mind with the cause and purpose of putting God first in all that we do, thereby acquiring a Christ-mind.

We must be faithful and loving servants and behave according to His will and His ways. A servant's heart is a loving and selfless heart which equates into a humble soul. John 3:30 says, "He must increase, but I must decrease."

Lord, help us transform into Your selfless ways with the heart of a servant bound to You in all we do, in Jesus name. Amen

C D Swanson writes for His glory. Contact

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  This Months FaithWriters Great Reads Selection
 We have some excellent writers and many topics to choose from at FaithWriters. Bless your fellow members by reading one or more of their books occasionally. Just imagine how you would feel if they did the same for you. Many of these books have multiple five-star reviews on Amazon. Descriptions are unedited and taken from the Authors book page.

Books added to our bookstore in the last month as described by each author.

Confessions of a Christian
Scott rannells
Your Price: $4.95
This is a collection of devotional essays complete with scripture and study questions. Good for small groups or individual study, it is less than 100 pages and non-intimidating.
from! Fiction

I Was There
Chris Martin
Your Price: $2.99
For some, the Bible can be an intimidating book to dig into. Its pages reveal a history of days past, with practical application for the here and now. Every word inspired by God Himself, penned by the hands of mere mortals. It contains stories of normal people like us.


He Will Never Leave You
Jaylin Palacio
Your Price: $7.47
A first-person narrative about marital infidelity, the faithfulness of God, and the healing power of forgiveness


Destination Italy: A Life's Journey with Divine Guidance
Milly Born
Your Price: $4.95
Destination Italy is the true story about how and why an atheist and her Christian husband come to live in Umbria, the green heart of Italy. In engaging descriptions, Milly Born portrays her bumpy journey in search of God, interwoven with striking excerpts from their life in Italy.

Build Your Life In Christ
calvin moss
Your Price: $5.95
Build your life in Christ, is a book that will contribute to your spiritual and personal growth in Jesus Christ. You will be blessed and cut to the flesh at the same time. This publication will compel the back slider to come back to Christ and the non Christian to get saved.
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Available in more formats from:

Hell Is for Real
Kip Phelps
Your Price: $3.99
Most people don’t believe in a literal, burning hell. Evidence indicates, however, that hell is real, its punishments are fierce, and its population is enormous. Hell Is for Real provides evidence of hell, tells what heaven, hell, and God are like, and explains how hell can be avoided.

Free Reads For Reviews

He Will Never Leave You
Jaylin Palacio
Your Price: $9.99
A first-person narrative about marital infidelity, the faithfulness of God, and the healing power of forgiveness.
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Available in more formats from:

Hell Is for Real
Kip Phelps
Your Price: $3.99
Most people don’t believe in a literal, burning hell. Evidence indicates, however, that hell is real, its punishments are fierce, and its population is enormous. Hell Is for Real provides evidence of hell, tells what heaven, hell, and God are like, and explains how hell can be avoided.

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