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May 2014 

"News & Information for the Write Brained Christian" 
Today's Devotional and the Newest Member E-books Included


Precious Jewels - by Lillian Rhoades

Lynn smiles at Josh’s words that stare at her from the yellowing sheet of paper she fondles, and thinks of those days that time cannot erase. Every sentence on the faded paper raises the curtain on a different scene.

To M O M by Joshua Johnson

She imagines Josh in his third grade classroom as he leans over his desk like an ancient scribe practicing his skill, and with painstaking effort at correctness, slowly scripting the words to his article for the class newsletter’s Community News column.

Community News
I think there is this great person in the community, he writes.

The community…She remembers Sunday afternoons, the shiny red bicycle, and the empty parking lot where they practiced on weekends until he no longer needed training wheels. And she couldn’t have been more proud when the picture he drew for Fire Safety Week was chosen to hang in the French Bakery around the corner from their house.

She has helped me a lot. And she is a school nurse in Rock County, N.Y.

Her former school office flashes before her, and she recalls the many times she brought him to work. He loved to play with the hearing machine and to run around the gym when no classes were scheduled.

When I’ve been sick she takes days off just to help me get better.

Getting better meant midnight rides to the emergency room when asthma attacked him…a cot by his bedside… holding his hand at the words, “just a little pinch,” and showing him how to use a nebulizer to clear his clogged airways. 

What a gift, Lynn muses, to have glimpsed gratitude in a mind so young.

When I needed homework help who is at my side aways explaining how I could do it better? If it was not for her I probaley would be behind in the class and learn nothing.

Lynn’s grin substitutes for a pat on her back. So he didn’t mind turning off the television, after all. And he really did learn something about verbs, commas, how to spell “always,” “probably” and to know what’s important.

The reason I picked her is that she has been there though good times and bad.

She knows he meant “through.”

Lynn tries to recall some of the bad times. But good times get in the way…opening presents on Christmas morning, sleigh riding down the hill behind the High School, watching him make a goalie at Soccer tournaments, and listening to his band’s debut as he and his friends played “I feel Jesus” during Sunday morning service.
She has checked my hearing with machine and taken my temperature with her thermometer. Even thou I haven’t showne it I love her dearly. Thank’s Mom.

Lynn takes one last, loving look past the misspelled words, missing commas, and absent periods to the last line, ”I love her dearly,” before carefully reinserting the frayed sheet of paper back into the folder marked, Josh’s Notes.

But there’s one note she has chosen not to file away. She walks into the living room and stops at the wall where Josh’s Mother’s Day note hangs enclosed in a gold frame. Once again, memory’s vault opens to Mother’s Day ten years ago when competition for Josh’s time equaled that of a celebrity. When the senior class scheduled their senior trip for Mother’s Day week-end, she recalls the hug and his words.

“Sorry, Mom, but I won’t be here for Mother’s Day.”

With little chance of flowers or her tenth set of kitchen towels, Lynn settles for the usual corsage given to all mothers during morning service every Mother’s day. She thinks of Josh and hopes he’s having a good time. By late evening, when the phone call she expects from him doesn’t come, Lynn decides against self-pity and opts for a bubble bath.
She grabs a towel from the linen closet, but holds it in mid-air when startled by a piece of paper that falls out with To Mom written in bold letters. Inside, there’s a note with words without errors.

Thanks Mom, you’re not only the most wonderful Mother, but also my best friend. Love always, Josh.

Her thoughts wander to the many Mother’s Days that followed when Josh surprised her with all sorts of gifts. But his notes crown them all.

“Josh’s notes,” she whispers to herself, “are my precious jewels. Whenever I read them, I discover the years have neither dimmed their sparkle, nor their ability to stoke memory’s flames that warm my heart.”

Read more from Lillian HERE. Read here book Retirement Lane - How to Celebrate Life After 60.

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Set Apart Church Blog Contest  WINNERS 

1st - TEAR DOWN THE WALLS OF THE CHURCH by Wayne Cook - Wins two paid writing assignments from Set Apart Church valued at $150.00.

2nd - Something Larger Than Myself by Kathleen A. Trissel - Wins one paid writing assignment valued at $75.00.

Silver - It's never too late by Graham Keet - Wins a one year free Gold membership on FaithWriters.

Those who get involved at FaithWriters improve as a writer. Many end up winning or earning back their membership fee or more in contests or paid writing assignments from vendors. So our advice is to get involved and become the writer God wants you to be. 

Mixed Blessings Anthologies

Simple Pleasures, the first in the new Mixed Blessings anthologies, is compiled from the Editors’ Choice winners of the FaithWriters Weekly Writing Challenge. We are very excited to see the launch of this new series. For all the latest Mixed Blessings news, follow Breath of Fresh Air Press on Facebook or Twitter

Several Members Hired for Jobs Posted on Private Messenger 

We have recently had several members who landed various types of writing assignments through the FaithWriters Private Messenger. In a couple of cases we just happened to stumble on this knowledge, but we would love to hear from you when you secure writing opportunities we post on private messenger. This is a great encouragement and inspiration for other members! 

We also continue to see an increased use of member articles by other websites, churches, newsletters, online magazines, etc. How exciting to know your work is being read, shared, and appreciated!

More Constructive Reviews on Challenge Entries

In an effort to help other members with their writing, several longtime active members have initiated a program to make sure Challenge submissions receive more constructive reviews. When you submit your Challenge entries you will now be able to check a box asking for more constructive critiques. FaithWriters is the place to put yourself out there and honestly gauge where others see your writing. This is the safest place for you on the internet, and every writer on the site today had to start from the beginning. Even bestselling Christian author Philip Yancey still appreciates an honest critique. He says:

"I have a few, very few, trusted friends who will edit me with a scowl. Most people want you to feel good so they give you compliments about your writing, and these don’t help at all (except emotionally). Really, you need some grouches to edit your work." Philip Yancey in a FaithWriters interview.

Critique Circle Improvements

We now have several editors cruising the Critique Circle, looking to help members become the writer God has called them to be. If you have not yet submitted an article to the Circle, you should do so today. We have also added a Challenge genre so you can submit any Challenge articles that have already been judged. Again, this is the safest place to put yourself out there, see what others think of your writing, and help you grow in your gift. Don't wait to receive feedback when you actually publish an article. Get it now and build a sound foundation as a writer. 

The Circle usually requires every participant to offer a critique to get a critique (two, three, or more critiques per piece they submit). What a deal! Write one critique and get at least two (most likely more) on your piece. However, any upgraded member who is reading this message can get one free critique credit to try it out. Just email and ask "How can I get my free critique credit?" You will receive an email with the answer. 
Become the Writer You are Called to Be
Make a Commitment to the Challenge

Many of us believe strongly that God has called us to write. The problem is that most of us struggle when it comes to writing for public consumption. We may have a great message for a book, but we lack confidence and/or knowledge in how to create a piece of material that will captivate the reader and get our message across. So we either never end up achieving our calling, or we release a less than excellent finished product.

Some of us could be compared to the guy who wanted to climb to the peak of the mountain, but failed to prepare. He just drove to the mountain and started climbing, with no training, supplies or proper equipment. Do you think that man would make it to the top? If so, how long do you think it would take? And how many obstacles and pitfalls would he encounter along the way?

The truth is, being a successful writer requires commitment and preparation. FaithWriters cannot directly get you to the top of your mountain, but the tools we provide can help prepare you for the climb. One of the best tools we offer is the Weekly Writing Challenge. We urge you to make it a point to enter the Challenge on a regular basis in 2014. We guarantee that if you make the commitment, your writing will improve and you will make great strides toward being the writer you are called to be.    

"I checked out several Christian sites, some were good and some were surprisingly poor, but FaithWriters was one that stood out, primarily because they were Christian writers who also were writing Christian material. I rarely ever pay to use a website, but I felt this one was well worth the small monthly investment, so I joined. So many things have blessed me there! The weekly challenge was a huge boost to me. The forums, articles, lessons, contests... this site has encouraged me in so many ways. There is no way I could be where I am on my journey today without FaithWriters. Kevin Ingram"

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Today's Great Multitude Daily Bible Devotional

Someone Should Steal Their "Lucky Charms!" – by Stephanie M. White

Like a scarecrow in a melon patch, their idols cannot speak; they must be carried because they cannot walk. Do not fear them; they can do no harm nor can they do any good. No one is like You, O LORD; You are great, and Your name is mighty in power. Who should not revere You, O King of the nations? This is Your due…THERE IS NO ONE LIKE YOU. Jeremiah 10:5-7 NIV

Too many Christians believe in "luck." Luck has no place in a Christian's life. We are to depend on Jesus Christ and His promises alone. We do not need a "lucky" rabbit's foot or a statue; we have everything we need in Christ!
We are walking in the flesh if we exchange the glory of God for a man-made idol (Romans 1:21-23). These idols, these works of men’s hands, cannot do us any good or any harm. We need to stop putting faith in these things by instead putting our focus on the Word of God! Why would we look to anything else when we have Christ? We look because we do not understand what we really have in Christ. It is time for us to find out what the Word has to say about Who He is -- and keep in mind, Who He is is what He does! He is the Savior - He will save you! He is Peace - He will bring peace to your situation! He is the Counselor - He will get you through your situation! Open up the Word and find out what you have in Jesus; it is so much more than any object or "lucky charm" some look to!

Stephanie is a freelance Christian writer from Ohio. She has published four books to date. Contact
Fishers of Men

FaithWriters is unique in its dual purpose: We are writers and evangelists. On, you'll find fiction, non-fiction, poems, devotionals, Bible studies and other articles written from a Christian perspective; content you will not find on a site that is strictly evangelistic in nature, or on a general writing site. With so much variety, we receive many visitors who might not go to a traditional evangelism site. Many may not even be looking for Jesus, but Jesus still meets them when they visit. In our experience, God tends to find people where they are in their life. This may be while they are reading your article about marriage or divorce. It might happen when they read about struggles with sin or your fictional story. What we are saying is to keep on submitting your various pieces that could only be authored by you. You never know who will be touched and moved by your work.

Men and women from over 227 countries are drawn to the FaithWriters site by the various articles on the end of our virtual fishing pole. Many have no other way than the internet to find out about Jesus. They are able to learn a lot from our site and the sister-sites to which we have provided links. Many click on the sites we link to that offer in-depth information on Jesus because they are able to get more information in their native language.  

Hundreds of readers have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior directly through FaithWriters. Plus, as mentioned, we refer many people to other sites to help answer their questions and accommodate their language. We know it is not about just about numbers. We also know that accepting Jesus and confessing Him is just where it starts. It is honor to consider the fact that God would use us in this way.

We contact every person who leaves an email address, and provide them with more information. Sometimes we correspond with them several times. We even offer to place them in contact with another believer (FaithWriters member) in their country.
Consider how much time people --- especially kids --- spend on the internet these days. Watch this two minute video on how Kimberly found God on the internet.

Here is one brief but pointed message we received this past month from a person who accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior:

"Yes I want Jesus in my life." Peggy Lee

Thank You, FaithWriters

Mike & Bea

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Great Reads is a New Feature
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  This Months FaithWriters Great Reads Selection
 We have some excellent writers and many topics to choose from at FaithWriters. Bless your fellow members by reading one or more of their books occasionally. Just imagine how you would feel if they did the same for you. Many of these books have multiple five-star reviews on Amazon. Descriptions are unedited and taken from the Authors book page.

Books added to our bookstore in the last month.

The Vistor
Philip Beckinella
Your Price: $1.99

When a church is seen as a building and not the spiritual entered of the community it is in, we think it to be nothing more than a gathering place. What allows a Church to be the voice of the Spirit of God. Do we understand the dynamics and significance of what is a Church and how it defines the community it serves? The Church s not a structure, it is not that simple to explain, a Church is the life of very people that are influenced by the Spirit of its teachings. A Church in need is a Church lacking the Holy Spirits influence. A Church in need is a Church dying because of the absence of the person that could bring it the glory that God always wanted for it obtain. Will the Church obtain the joy, peace, and holiness that will draw the world to it doors? See how this little Church went about finding the presents of God and how it’s actions almost destroys all that God had given it.


Biblical studies

SOJOURNERS: In a Strange Land
Rochelle Arnold
Your Price: $6.99

In Genesis 17:8 God promised Abraham and all of his descendants, the land in which they sojourned or resided in. The Almighty has established a covenant with all born again believers. This covenant promises that we will possess the land. This book is filled with revelation and prophetic insight

Introduction to The Mid Week Rapture - Verse-by-Verse Studies of Key Prophetic Passages
Karl Kemp
Your Price: $6.99

This ebook consists mostly of verse-by-verse studies of the key passages of the Bible, especially from the book of Revelation and Daniel chapter 12, that demonstrate that the Lord Jesus will return and the rapture will take place in the middle of Daniel's 70th week, at the seventh and last trumpet.



How to Live So You Never Have To Die
John Bullock
Your Price: $4.95

A look into the wider Biblical meaning of death. It is not simply the act of dying but also a condition that you can live in. Most do. Having been crossed over from death to life, it is still possible to be feeding the condition of death. You can escape that condition and maximise your life.



Through the Years: Investing in your Marriage
Judy Sauer
Your Price: $5.00

Getting married is the fun part!
Staying married is the hard part.

Advice from lessons learned along the way in 25 years of marriage. Included are words of wisdom and kernels of insights.

Be inspired to invest in your marriage so it can be all that God knows is possible!



GOD INSIDE THE FIRE: An Amazing True Story
Greg Stelley
Your Price: $6.99

A mother & her young daughter pray for a friends' doomed horse ranch during San Diego's Cedar Fire in October 2003, then witness the impossible. Read the true story that confirms God's presence and power and miraculous grace! See the world's first and only photo-documented Biblical-sized miracle!

Prayer is a Relationship: If you're not listening to God, to whom are you listening?
Judy Sauer
Your Price: $10.00

Life is fragile, handle with prayer!

Prayer is often a one-sided monologue at God. When God doesn't have a voice then we cannot grow closer.

So ask yourself:
If I am not listening to God, to whom am I listening?

Are you ready to change your prayer life?

Christ is calling. Are you listening?



Turning Point
Wesley Hesketh
Your Price: $9.95

Making Choices

Sometimes there is emptiness
you’re lost can’t find a way.
All the words come out black
you sin most every day.

God stands there waiting
for you to ask him in.
Your choice is a turning Point
to good away from sin.

This is what this book’s about
the hope that is out there.

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