Subject: Team Call with Ambit Corporate and Web Training Tonight!

Ray will be doing a 6 Step Web Training tonight 7/21 starting at 7:00pm EST. Our Team Conference Call will follow the Web Training.

From Ambit Corporate Offices, Vice President of Field Development and Training - Eric Johnstone will join us on the call live.

See information below….
Here is the latest on our upgrade of the iVocalize web room.
We have upgraded to v.6 of their software and opened a new web room. There are no more downloads (other than downloading the Chrome browser once if you don't have it).
1) You need to use the Google Chrome browser. (You can download the FREE browser at for your Mac or PC.)
3) Type in your name and click the "guests" button to log in.
That's it!
Now, the bummer is that we still can't view the webinar on iPads or iPhones due to a restriction Apple has on browsers. If you would like to send Apple an email (we have a form one you can use) requesting this ability, then email Rob Utter ( and he will send you the letter and instructions. Hopefully, they'll change that soon.
If you have an Android device you may need to enable live media. The simple instructions are here:
If you have any issues logging into the webinar tonight, please contact Rob and he'll help you get on. (
Thanks for your patience as we move forward with our team webinars!
This is a great training for new consultants.
There are limited seats, so we advise you to log in early.  This is a MUST for new consultants to learn our system. All they need to do is log in and turn up their speakers!
Please log in at:
DON'T MISS This Week’s Team Call!  
Team Call tonight 7/21 at 8:30pm EST 212-990-8000 pin 3333#. 

We will have some special guests join us this evening on our team call. 

Guests will include Vice President of Field Development and Training Eric Johnstone, as well as a few other surprise guests!
Best Regards,

Nick Abbate
Senior Consultant
Ambit Energy
(860) 506-5526