Subject:  Here are (2) NEW WAY OF MASTERY classes on video & THE WAY Of MASTERY CLASS THIS EVE & DROP IN OK.

Hello Friend, MIghty Companion!  This is your Mighty Companion, Earl "Raj" Purdy!

I am back in town! The WAY OF MASTERY CLASS THIS TUES. EVE JAN. 28th AT 7 PM  and A COURSE IN MIRACLES CLASS on sundays at 1pm. DROP IN IS OK.  
Unity Temple 1555 Race St. Denver, CO. 80206....more info below!

Here are your weekly the WAY OF MASTERY class videos. HERE ARE TWO NEW CLASSES :

 Video #1  TWOM Earl Purdy HOW TO HAVE PEACE TRUST & FAITH - The Way of Mastery Class 
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Video #2  TWOM Earl Purdy THE BLESSING OF DISTURBANCE- The Way of Mastery Class 
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 I am a FULL Time teacher.  Thanks so much for sharing:)

       Every TUESDAY eveI am doing an exciting new class combining “ A COURSE IN MIRACLES” with another fantastic channeled book, called “THE WAY OF MASTERY”.

  THIS ONGOING CLASS MEETS EVERY TUESDAY EVE. FROM 7-8:30pm. I will be in town teaching the class this tuesday!

at  Unity Temple 1555 Race St. Denver, CO. 80206.  For further infoEmail:
Ph: 720 239 2189.  This class is 

Through this class, You will be taught how to:
  1. Remove obstacles to Love, Peace and Joy
  2. Purify your mind
  3. Make forgiveness a tool in your daily life
  4. Develop a relationship with the Holy Spirit (your Internal Teacher)
  5. Learn to pray effectively
  6. Transform your special relationships
  7. Recognize your individualized curriculum
  8. Love your Self more
  • Have you given up in the middle?
  • Gotten stuck on one lesson?
  • Never started but would like to?
An untrained mind can accomplish nothing.”  ACIM Workbook-Intro

Start this tues. eve. with a commitment to your spiritual practice. Learn how to apply the mind-training that ACIM and THE WAY OF MASTERY offers and enjoy the miracles that result!

  It will be a study and an experiential approach to Self Mastery.   This class helps you experience:
  • The undoing of lack, grievances,sickness,guilt and fear
  • Practicing forgiveness–the key to happiness
  • Accepting your God-given inheritance of love, abundance,peace and joy
  • Using time in the only way it will truly benefit you
  • Developing a relationship with your Internal Teacher and Guide (the Holy Spirit)
  • Healing your special relationships
  • Awakening to your life purpose
THIS CLASS CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER.  You could feel reborn. An iceberg of anger, guilt and fear can fall away, and you can be more fearless and free than you have ever been!  Your state of mind can become excellent and your circumstances can and will consistently improve as well.
I feel inspired by the Holy Spirit to support you in your spiritual practice.  So many students of Higher Truth and personal growth tell me that they are stuck somewhere along the way.

Believe it or not, doing the study and practice can be a lot of fun!  Yes, there are painful problems and patterns to undo, but there is also the tremendous relief of unburdening yourself, and then receiving the gift of uncovering Who You Really Are.

In this Way of Mastery Class, I go through the teachings with  you, clarifying the meaning and helping you experience the material on a deep deep level.

My 30 years of teaching and counseling from A Course In Miracles and other personal growth & Metaphysical teachings prepared me to be uniquely qualified to understand the process of ego/fear-undoing on spiritual, psychological, emotional and physical levels.

Let this “Way of Mastery” class give you the structure, support, and inspiration to sustain your spiritual practice from now on.  Give yourself the gift of a spiritual awakening.

at  Unity Temple 1555 Race St. Denver, CO. 80206.  For further info: Email:
Ph: 720 239 2189

    DROP IN IS OK :)