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Today's Devotional
Total Freedom - by Karen B. White

“Our soul has escaped as a bird from the snare of the fowlers; The snare is broken, and we have escaped.” Psalm 124:7 NKJV

My husband watches a television show where men trap animals. The traps are concealed from view, usually hidden under snow. When the unsuspecting animal walks over the trap, the contraption captures them, and they are unable to escape.

These traps remind me of sin. Sin is also usually hidden from our view, camouflaged, not by snow but fame, beauty, or riches. It gives the allure of attraction, if it didn’t, we would not be tempted. Therefore, we must be ever watchful for the snares of sin.

If we choose not to resist the temptation, just like the traps, it latches on and ensnares us. The good news is that as Christians, Jesus has already paid the price for our “hide,” so to speak. He has freed us from a life of enslavement to sin.

Unfortunately, till the day we join Him in Heaven we will be tempted by the world’s greatest trapper, the devil. He is a master at placing traps in our way seeking to ensnare us. Therefore, we must constantly be on guard, keeping our thoughts and eyes focused on Jesus. For only then, can we avoid the snares set to capture us in sin and then, experience total freedom in Him.

Dear Father, please open my eyes to see the snares placed in my path. Thank You for sending Your son to save me from my sins, and for the Holy Spirit, who lives within me to guide and direct my present and future paths. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Karen is a freelance Christian writer, mother of three and grandmother of five. Contact
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