Subject: Top 10 Ways to Become More Confident in Your Writing #1

Top 10 Ways to Become More Confident in Your Writing
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Good morning and wishing you a wonderful new week ahead.

I thought I would start this week off with a series of emails designed to help new writers but also can be a refresher series for experienced writers;

"Top 10 Ways to Become More Confident in Your Writing"

At one time or another, many writers felt the same as lots of others do and that confidence seems to come easier to some. Writers, especially new writers may struggle with it to a greater degree.

Confidence is an aspect of a writer's life that can improve with practice. No one is born with confidence. The parents are the first ones in a child's life to build confidence in their children while they are growing and developing.

If that trait was not encouraged as you were growing up, the key is to learn how to tap into that attitude yourself. The more confidence you have, the more you want to write and put your work out to the public.

As you progress through the short series of emails that you signed up for, I’ll be suggesting some writing exercises or little tasks to do that I believe will benefit you; new and experienced writers. 

Be sure to watch out for the Weekly Writing Prompts each week. I usually put them out on Tuesdays.  Here is the one from last week: Weekly Writing Prompt 6-27-2017
Book Reviews
I reviewed two more books this past week and I'm happy to report that each of them I highly recommend.  The first is a new author on the scene, Kathy Henn and she has started off her writing career already by releasing 7 new books; all about how to do Facebook Live Videos. It's not just a collection of books with 1, 2, 3 directions. Kathy actually gives you ideas that you can expand on in creating your own TV series with FB Live Videos. Facebook Live Adventure Series – Volume 1 - Create Your Own TV Show – Build Your Audience By: Kathy Henn

The next book that I reviewed is a children's book by BG Jenkins. Oh, Sweet Pea, You Are Beautiful: A Story Poem - BG has been creating stories since her children were young and she has continued on with those stories, in addition to creating new ones with her grandchildren as the main characters of her stories.  BG has written quite a few books but I haven't written about all of them yet. I have read them and a few I have helped her publish, so I was lucky enough to get a preview before everyone else. 
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A “cozy mystery” is a sub-genre of crime fiction and mystery where the crime takes place in a small community where each character knows the others. Here, the brain always wins against thrilling action.

Once you know the hidden rules for writing cozy mystery short stories, you will have an incredible power that many other authors don’t have. 

Everyone nowadays thinks only about action or drama, but forgets everything which stays in the middle.

Start writing your "Cozy Mystery" with this course. (Aff.)
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