Subject: Sunday Evening Wrap-Up 5.28.2017

Sunday Wrap-Up 5.28.2017
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Today, May 29, 2017 is Memorial Day.  I'm not sure where or why people started saying, "Happy Memorial Day" because our soldiers died to protect our freedom.  It's not supposed to be a happy day.  

My husband didn't die during active duty but he died because of his injuries while actively serving in the US Army.  

Please remember and thank those who are still with us for their courage and sacrifices to keep us free. 
We've had another member join in with us doing the Weekly Writing Prompts. BG Jenkins always participates in this activity and her piece this week was "A Blue Tribute to You

Lawrence Bousquet took an unusual but creative way to write his piece.  He used all three prompts in the same piece he wrote.  "Least We Forget

BG and I both think Lawrence has the making of a longer story line for this and we are waiting anxiously to see what Lawrence decides to do.
I receive the Authors Publish Magazine (Non Aff.) and this week they've shared "20 Literary Journals that Publish New Authors."  I haven't submitted a story through any of the journals mentioned but wanted to pass it along.  I may submit something to one or two of the journals.  You never know when someone will come across your writing and contact you. 

If you've thought about writing for a magazine, Authors Publish Magazine also accepts submissions.  Read the submission guidelines.
Weight Loss Journey - Keep Me Accountable
I started with Weight Watchers (Non Aff.) on April 6, 2017 and every Thursday, I do a Facebook Live Video to document my progress and to keep me accountable. 

The other days on the videos I devote to writing and focusing on helping those who want to get started in writing.
Book Reviews
The new Author site (Monna  is also going to be a "Book Review" site.  Since I have helped many people in publishing their books on Amazon CreateSpace and Kindle, I'm not allowed to leave comments or reviews, so I will be doing that on my own site. 

With that, I will also be featuring new authors and writers when they publish their books. 
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P.S.   I would like to welcome you to our Facebook group, "Create Yourself Through Writing."  

The group was created to encourage you to begin sharing your writing, especially if you are a new writer, so you WILL want to put your work out to the public and to also learn about marketing your work once you have it published.

This is a closed group so the only people who will see are members of the group.
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