Subject: Sunday Evening Round-Up 5.21.2017

Sunday Round-Up 5.21.2017
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This past week was a very exciting one for the Power Affiliate Club Community (PAC)  This month marks three years since the community began and the first of many planned books has finally hit Amazon and is available in paperback. PAC Knows - Wisdom From PAC Expert Authors is a collaboration of 14 of PAC's Expert Authors, sharing their knowledge in their chosen fields of: self-branding, marketing, content creation, and promotion. 
I've also re-activated the Facebook group: Create Yourself Through Writing. We are working on engaging with present members and new members to start their writing careers.  It doesn't matter what time of your life you are in.  You're never to old to start writing.  Whether it's for yourself or with the intention of publishing a book we are there for support and encouragement to everyone.  Join us and start letting those creative ideas flowing. 
I've also created and steadily building my Author site which will bring a lot of eyes to the site and also the writers that participate in the Weekly Writing Prompts.  Each week I post three writing prompts that I get from (Aff.)  If you want to participate, choose the prompt that sparks an idea and leave it in the comments section and I will transfer it to an actual post.  We are starting to get some recognition with this technique.  

It's a lot of fun and keeps those creative ideas flowing. Come join in with us. 
Weight Loss Journey - Keep Me Accountable
I started with Weight Watchers (Non Aff.) on April 6, 2017 and every Thursday, I do a Facebook Live Video to document my progress and to keep me accountable. 

The other days on the videos I devote to writing and focusing on helping those who want to get started in writing.
Book Reviews
The new Author site (Monna  is also going to be a "Book Review" site.  Since I have helped many people in publishing their books on Amazon CreateSpace and Kindle, I'm not allowed to leave comments or reviews, so I will be doing that on my own site. 

With that, I will also be featuring new authors and writers when they publish their books. 
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BG Jenkins has just released her newest children'ts book called "Papa Oak" which is based on a writing prompt that was given on Weekly Writing Prompt 4-10-2017

Visit BG's Amazon Author Page here >> BG Jenkins
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