Subject: Sharing Value to Writers 6/4/2017

Sharing Value to Writers 6.4.2017
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Hello Future Best-Selling Authors.  Did you reach your writing goals over the past week?  Yes?  That's awesome.  Just as long as you do some writing each and every day, you will keep your creative mind active and practicing to make your craft better and better each piece that you write. 

Starting with this newsletter, I'm going to start sharing some of the "new to me" and hopefully "new to you" writing and author blogs that I come across and share with you the ones that I think have some awesome articles.   

The best one I found this past week is called: "This Incandescent Life" by Emily Tjaden. Her post titled: "11 Tips that Will Make Your Writing Shine" really caught my eye with the tips we all need to remember but sometimes forget.  Be sure to visit her site and look around at some of her other posts too.  Read the post about her 11 Tips and leave her a comment. 

HINT:  Leaving comments on other writer's blogs most likely will result in them visiting your blog and also leaving a comment. :) 
I have a paper that is published every week called "Writing Daily, Writing Tips, Sources and Motivation." (Non Aff.) 

Included are lots of different articles and posts about writing. I found another interesting blog to read.  It's called: "A Writer's Path; Sharing writing tips, information, and advice."

The post that caught my attention on this blog was the one titled: "Three Commonly Made Writing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them."

As always, if you are building your friendships and engagement among writers, it's a good idea to read, comment and share when you find a post that you enjoy and find great value.  

Keep a list of the new found blogs that you visit and keep returning to them, commenting and sharing.  The more you are seen on their blogs, then the more their visitors are seeing you too which can also result in new eyes seeing your writing when they get curious and come to read what you've written.
Book Reviews
The new Author site (Monna  is also going to be a "Book Review" site.  Since I have helped many people in publishing their books on Amazon CreateSpace and Kindle, I'm not allowed to leave comments or reviews, so I will be doing that on my own site. 

With that, I will also be featuring new authors and writers when they publish their books. 
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The group was created to encourage you to begin sharing your writing, especially if you are a new writer, so you WILL want to put your work out to the public and to also learn about marketing your work once you have it published.

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