Subject: Authors Supporting Authors 6/18/2017

Authors Supporting Authors 6.18.2017
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Hello and Happy Father's Day. I hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday.  

Things are finally starting to take shape with my author blog and the Facebook writing group, "Create Yourself Through Writing."  

Slowly we are getting new members coming in.  Still not very many are participating in the Weekly Writing Prompts but that's okay.  They have to feel comfortable enough to join in and we don't want to pressure anyone if they aren't ready yet. 
I came across this blog on Pinterest this past week and I thought maybe some of you may be interested in it.  It's about creating and setting up a "Writer's Notebook."  The blog is called "Happy Strong Home."  The Writer's Notebook kind of reminds me of a Bullet Journal which I think is an awesome idea but I've tried it and it really seems to take a lot of time that could be better spent on writing. 

This week I also got the Authors Supporting Authors rotator set up and the post written.  So now if you have a blog that is mainly centered around writing and/or blogging, then you may want to add it to the rotator.  There is no charge to you for doing this. We are trying to build and increase traffic to the writer's blogs.  In turn, you will also start taking the time to start commenting on other blogs.  
Have you heard of Ryan Biddulph?  He is the creator of "Blogging From Paradise."  Ryan and his wife Kelli are able to travel the world and stay in some of the most exotic places and guess what?  Ryan shares how he learned to start earning from his blog.

I purchased his audiobook, 
How to Build an Online Empire Through Blog Commenting. Ryan also has this available in a paperback version.  I decided to buy the audiobook and I am so happy I did.  At the end of the day, my eyes are just about done but I still want to keep learning and having books read to me has solved this problem.  Ryan has published over 125 books and offers great advice in how to earn a living blogging. (Aff.) 

Keep an eye out for the new Weekly Writing Prompt. I usually put out a new one on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.  We are starting to get quite a collection of different type stories from the prompts.  It really is fun, so think about submitting a short story of your own. 
Book Reviews
This past week I reviewed a new Kindle book that was just released by Kathy Henn.  The book is the first in a series of  Facebook Live: Create Your Own TV Show Build Your Audience (FB Live Adventure Series 1)

Kathy takes you through the basics of doing your first Facebook Live video and each book, she will be introducing new features that you can use to create your own branded TV Shows by doing Facebook Live Videos.  

Get Kathy's Kindle book and get started on your own show.  Kathy plans on releasing a new book or possibly two every month.  
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P.S.   I would like to welcome you to join our Facebook group, "Create Yourself Through Writing."  

The group was created to encourage you to begin sharing your writing, especially if you are a new writer, so you WILL want to put your work out to the public and to also learn about marketing your work once you have it published.

This is a closed group so the only people who will see are members of the group.
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