Subject: Meet Rachel - Color for Clarity featured artist

Pssst! Guess what!!?? Our coloring book and meditation prompts, Color for Clarity, is coming to Amazon THIS WEEK!!!! I recieved the proof copies in the mail a few days ago, and I am just blown away by the emotions and excitement that flows through me when I hold this book in my hands! The energy that comes from all of our love combined in bringing this book to life eminates right off of it. Stay tuned for the release announcement and more peeks coming soon! In the meantime, read on below for our final artist feature to learn more about contributing artist Rachel Urista.

I have been honored to meet Rachel Urista through this collaborative project. Her work is so bold and inspiring; but what I love most about her art is that each piece seems to have an undercurrent energy of magic or spirit running through it.

Immersed in nature and the rugged, fantastical landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, she creates from a space where her imagination can roam free; yet her lifelong passions for anthropology and mythology often surface and guide her work. As she gets intimate with the canvas, often using her fingers, she journeys through the painting intuitively, uncovering the personal myths and messages of each piece along the way.

Rachel is a working artist who shows her art at galleries and shares her passion for mixed media through art journaling and painting workshops. She now has a downtown art studio in Corvallis Oregon where she'll soon host workshops, live painting events, and other fun art shenanigans! If you're in the area, be sure to contact her through her website to learn more.

As you can see in the photo above, Rachel's illustrations that she shares with us in Color for Clarity are just as bold and spiritual as her original paintings!

Each of her coloring pages evoke a sense of mystery as they urge us to explore what lies beyond what's in front of us with prompts like: "Reach further," "Emerge," "Set sail," "Wander through," "Follow your sunshine," and "Open new doorways". We are lucky to have such a talented artist joining us in this project!

See more of Rachel's gorgeous artwork and learn more about her workshops at:


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