Subject: Meet Kristal - Color for Clarity featured artist

In planning to do these artist features to showcase the contributors of our coloring book, I decided to begin in alphabetical order. And so here we are, with my name next. Hmm. Anyone who's ever had to write about themselves, knows it's HARD. lol But let's give this a try...

As a wife, mother, artist, and creative life coach, I believe that taking the time for creative play and to listen to our soul is essential to living a fulfilling life. But I wasn't born believing in this. It took years of struggle and transformation to make me realize that honoring my creativity and listening within was essential.

After growing up in a creative environment, going to school for graphic design, then building a successful business selling my art, I found myself living the dream and yet my creative muse was throwing a hissy fit. My passion deteriorated. I had to quit selling my art. I then spent a few years struggling, trying to regroup my life and relearn how to create for myself again.

My art then:

Eventually things started to fall into place as I explored the world of art journaling. The more I created for myself, the more I learned about who I was (and it continues today).

Through following my creative urges, I was able to let go of my need for control in my life and reconnect with my true self. I now use my art as a way to speak to my soul, work through emotions, and to process the hard stuff.

My art now:

And a sneak peek of my illustrations for the coloring book:

This journey has been so profound for me, I've made it my mission to help others reconnect with themselves through art. For the last four years, I've been sharing my journey and insights on my blog, hosting e-courses, writing books, coaching women one-on-one, and immersing myself in the study of psychology, creativity, teaching, life coaching, and more to help spread the word about the powers of creative play.

With Color for Clarity, my hope is that it merges the world between creative fun and inner reflection; each page acting as an opening for you to access your inner wisdom and help you gain clarity in your life. The pages I contribute were inspired by my beliefs. Prompts like: "I am meant to shine," "Play," "The heart knows," and "Follow joy" invite you to explore what it means to be your best, playful self.

Learn more about me and my adventures in art journaling and creative soul expression on my website and blog at:

With love from the curator,

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