Subject: Meet Andrea - Color for Clarity featured artist

If you don't know Andrea Schroeder, you're in for a special treat today! This woman is so full of love, magic, and glitter; and she has a way of making the thought of facing life's roadblocks feel light and fun. You see, she's no ordinary artist (not that any of us are!)... Andrea doesn't create simply for creating's sake. She uses her creativity as a way to playfully realize her dreams, and shows us how to do the same!

Here's how she describes her mission: "I’ve devoted my life to helping brilliant creative geniuses (like you!) live gorgeously with their dreams - with spiritual practices & personal development techniques that feel like magic potions, tea parties and creative playdates."

Her work may be full of playfullness, but she takes it quite seriously. She's been studying the intersection of creativity and spirituality for years and has been trained as a spiritual teacher and energy healer. She believes, more than anything, that creative people bringing their dreams to life is going to save the world.

Over on Andrea's blog, she writes about healing, journaling, making dreams real, and being a creative entrepreneur. I especially appreciate the truthfullness in the way she shares about her own insights and stumblings as a human being. Her playfulness shines through in all her writing, even when sharing about the hard parts, like in this article on finding the gifts in the "shitty stuff".

If you're intrigued by this idea of reaching for your dreams in a playful, creative way, check out her free "Give your Dreams Wings" course over at And if you love her style, she offers a communtiy called the Creative Dream Circle full of life-altering e-courses and dream-growing tools. I've been a member for years, and would absolutely recommend it! :)

As a contributor of Color for Clarity, Andrea shares with us five of her signature-style mandalas; an artform that she uses and teaches to help open up to the inner creative and inuitive flow. When drawing mandalas, she listens within for the messages they contain. The prompts that came to her for us to ponder are: "Open up, buttercup," "You've got magic in you," "Potential expands," "You are more than you think you are," and "Follow your creative impulse it knows the way."

These prompts have already made me re-think the way I see my life, and I'm sure they'll help you to open up to see the truths within as well when coloring her gorgeous pages!

Learn more about Andrea and the creative tools she uses to make dreams real over at:


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