Subject: Meet Alison - Color for Clarity featured artist

Oooh I'm so excited! Our proof copies of Color for Clarity should be arriving in my mailbox sometime this week! I cannot wait to see it printed and bound then flip through the gorgeous pages!

While I wait on pins and needles, I'd like to introduce you to artist contributor Alison Russell. I've been following Alison on Instagram for quite some time now, and have always been so in awe of her mandala drawings. (And she just opened a new account to feature her drawings!) I was over the moon excited to have her join me in this project, I knew her organic take on sacred geometry would be a perfect fit.

Arts and Crafts have always been Alison's passion. Over the years she has experimented with many forms, such as jewellery making, book binding, and art journaling, to name a few. However, sketching and drawing are what she faithfully returns to. She describes herself as an avid crafter and stationary addict; and she's always full of new ideas. Having grown up in rural Australia and now living close to the beach with her husband and daughter, Alison finds a lot of inspiration for her art in nature. Her mandala drawings especially tend to reflect this.

When I invited Alison to contribute to the book, I expected to see pages full of traditional mandalas with her organic touch. But she delightfully surprised me with a collection of playful, earthy designs that touched my heart. (I'm especially in love with her dream catcher page!!)

The words she chose, such as "Just be you," "Mindful," "Relax," "Be a happy camper," and "Go with the flow," combined with her whimsical yet grounding illustrations invite us to take a deep breath and just BE.

Learn more about Alison and see more of her art on her Facebook page at: and her Instagram accounts HERE and HERE.

With love from the curator,

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