Subject: Meet Pauline - Color for Clarity featured artist

I didn't know Pauline Leger before we started this coloring project. We were in the mist of gathering ideas for the book when we realized we needed another to join us. That's when contributor Tara Leaver suggested we contact her friend Pauline. When I started poking around her website and Etsy shop, I was blown away by her bold, colorful portraits. I knew she would contribute much beauty to our book, and I wasn't wrong! She not only brought a special touch to our book with her bold, blooming illustrations, but stepped up with vision and commitment to illustrate our cover as well; and I found a new inspiring friend in the process!

Pauline is an artist, writer, graphic designer, and a life enthusiast who is truly inspired by all that surrounds her. A professional designer for over 25 years, she has designed and illustrated several books for children and adults and has taught part time at the Community College. She now focuses her time and energy on teaching the benefits of creativity and on inspiring others to find their own voices through art and journaling. She works from her home in a small coastal community in eastern Canada, and her studio is nothing more than a cozy little blue room filled with books and art.

Pauline explains on her blog about why she creates: "I do it for no one but myself because art is my way of making sense of the world… even when there is sometimes very little sense to be found."

She uses drawing and painting as a way to reflect on life and its hard questions. On her blog, she shares her everyday art and thought process as she muses on things like the importance of art in this world filled with violence and suffering, about hate and forgiveness, about the value of our life, and about life and death… which seems like a list of heavy topics that you wouldn't want to immerse yourself in; but Pauline writes and ponders about these topics in such a light-hearted, curious way that makes you think: why can't all of life be this simple?

The illustrations she shares with us in Color for Clarity invite us to ponder in a similar way. Each of her pages include a prompt that help us reflect on our own story and how we move through life. Prompts like: "I am not alone," "My voice matters," "What needs to be forgiven?," "Tell your story," and "We are stardust" invite us to go deep while the accompanying playful imagry keeps it light-hearted.

Learn more about Pauline and see more of her life's ponderings in art on her blog at:

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