Subject: Meet Tara - Color for Clarity featured artist!

"Imagine a light filled wooden house right on the beach, where the sun always shines and the sea sparkles across the sand. There is a wraparound porch with a comfy swing seat, a never-ending supply of your favourite snacks, and all the art supplies you can dream of to play with." Ahhh! And that, is how our featured artist Tara Leaver describes her website, an imaginary beach house dedicated to artistic inspiration & creative encouragement.

This woman is filled with light and inspiration. The work she shares online is always full of her love of the sea with an air of simplicity and playfulness that just makes you want to pause and enjoy the moment. Tara is an artist, teacher, writer and creative guide, whose work is all about encouraging experimentation with art as self expression and self discovery, and creativity as a lifestyle rather than an item that always ends up somewhere near the bottom of the to do list.

The illustrations Tara shares with us in our upcoming coloring book are very earthy with a touch of whimsy, and include prompts that really get you to think about what it is that YOU want in life. While coloring her pages, you'll get to explore prompts like: "listen to your wise self," "find your way," "what do I need?," "release," and "what is beneath the surface?". We are truly blessed to have her a part of our collaboration, I know her pages are sure to spark something within!

Visit Tara at her imaginary beach house at where she writes about art and creativity. You'll also find an array of free goodies (like her free mini e-course: Making Art Your Way) as well as online courses which support different aspects of the artistic experience, with a focus on uncovering and developing your natural and unique expression.

She also has a book called Creative Spark available on Amazon which is designed to take you on a journey back to yourself, using your creativity as your lantern and guide. I've had this book personally for a few years now, and I love flipping back through it for motivation and inspiration!

With love from the curator,

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