Subject: WTC 2015 Newsletter

5  IRA beneficiary form mistakes to avoid

All too often IRA owners commit costly errors on their beneficiary form that negate their best intentions, leaving loved ones out in the cold.

 From failing to update their document after a divorce, to forgetting to name a beneficiary, such financial fumbles can force future generations to surrender too much to Uncle Sam -- or worse, deny them their rightful inheritance.

What Today's Workers Can Expect From Social Security Tomorrow

Did you know that the age at which many workers will qualify for full Social Security benefits has risen to 67 from 65?
If that's news to you, you're not alone: The majority of workers are still in the dark about Social Security eligibility requirements and many expect to qualify for benefits payments sooner than they actually will.

Illinois Public Unions spend BIG on political activites

In 24 states, employees of a unionized workplace can decide for themselves whether they want to join and financially support a union. In Wisconsin, this choice is extended to employees of state government. But not in Illinois; almost all government workers – including teachers, police officers and those who serve in state government – are required to pay money to a union to keep their jobs.

Measles outbreak: Different states, different rules & the Skepticism

State-level vaccination mandates differ across the country and, unsurprisingly, so do the number of unvaccinated children and reported measles cases. 

After the recent measles outbreak in California, Republican officials now face the collision of “the politics of medicine, morality and free will,” just as many 2016 hopefuls lay the groundwork for potential campaigns. 

Senator Lamar Alexander on the Future of School Choice

Public school districts offer some degree of parental choice over the schools to which students are assigned. Districts differ in which, the ease whereby parents can exercise the choices afforded to them, and the degree to which the choice system results in greater access to quality schools for students living in lower-resource areas. With that in mind, the Brown Center on Education Policy at Brookings releases an annual Education Choice and Competition Index (ECCI)

The ‘Big Dogs’ Of Illinois Municipal Government

At, we have completed our annual “Big Dogs” salary report of municipal government. 

52 city and village managers out-earn every governor of the 50 states. School district treasurers are hauling in up to $485,000. Rank-and-file county employees are racking up $260,000 with massive lifetime pension spikes. But, incredibly, the top three “municipal” employees – with salaries over $300,000 plus – don’t even work for government
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