Subject: September 2014 Newsletter

Right-to-Work States Lead Way In Income Growth

During the debate in Michigan over right-to-work, which the state adopted in 2012, critics commonly incited fear it would result in lower incomes for Michigan workers.

For example, President Obama claimed in 2012 that the law meant "giving you the right to work for less money."

Government data, however, show right-to-work states having stronger income growth. 

Consider Prepaid Tuition Plans for College Savings

For those who plan ahead, a prepaid college tuition plan can be an alternative to scrambling for financial aid or taking out a second mortgage. 

Not to mention that,most parents would like to have some measure of certainty when preparing for their children’s future. Prepaid college tuition plans can help them do this by locking in tomorrow’s tuition costs today. By setting aside a fixed amount of money every month for a fixed period of time, your child will have his or her tuition and fees fully covered for a predetermined course of study.

Pennsylvania Reform Plan Would Save Billions Over Long Haul but Nothing Now

The plan, sponsored by state Rep. Mike Tobash (R-Schuylkill), would scrap the current defined-benefit pension systems in favor of a so-called stacked hybrid pension plan that would incorporate elements of the current system and the 401(k) plans more commonly found in the private sector. The changes would affect only new hires—current employees and retirees would keep the current benefit structure.

Obama Destroys His Own Immigration Argument

Joshua Green, a shrewd political analyst at Bloomberg Businessweek,says that President Barack Obama is “right to punt on immigration reform now and take it up after the election.” The administration had led everyone to believe that Obama was going to act before the elections by issuing an executive order letting millions of illegal immigrants work legally in the U.S.

Green makes three arguments: Acting now would produce a backlash in many states with Senate races; it would make the president’s position on immigration look unpopular; and the run-up to the 2016 election is a more auspicious time to raise the issue.

Peru Elementary Superintendent writes Scathing Letter Opposing Common COR

With a new school year upon us the Superintendent of the Peru Elementary School District 124, Mark Cross, has penned a scathing letter to parents explaining his opposition to Common Core aligned standardized testing that all school districts in Illinois are required to take part in this school year.

Unfortunately, there are many federal and state education initiatives that can very much be a distraction from what matters most. These initiatives are based on good intentions and are cloaked in the concept of accountability, but unfortunately most do little to actually improve teaching and learning.

Share the View: Capital, Not Punishment

There are now 3 positions being taken on the incident involving Ray Rice, Raven running back, and his wife to be.

1) A despicable act that should bar him from the NFL;

2) A family squabble that is between them and is no one else's business

3) A reflex act of self defense by Ray Rice when his fiance attacked him in the elevator.

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