Subject: November 2014 Newsletter

Study: Common Core Disserves
Math, Science Students

Common Core standards do not prepare students of math and sciences adequately for college, despite their claim to be “aligned with college and career expectations,” 

A new study on the standards reveals. The highest-level math class required for students under the Common Core is a partial algebra II course, which is insufficient preparation for complex university level courses.

Proposed Changes
Put Roth IRA Advantages at

President Barack Obama’s 2015 budget includes a pair of proposals that threaten to take away some of the Roth's most alluring features. 

Both involve changes to the Roth IRA distribution rules. Before considering rolling over your 401(k( or 403(b) Tax sheltered Annuity into a Roth IRA, check out these changes affecting the tax free distributions.   

Important Financial Planning Steps for Recent Widows and Widowers

The loss of a spouse may be one of the most difficult experiences any of us face in life. And while the emotional burdens may be high, the financial costs of inaction or misguided action could be significant. That’s why it’s critical to identify and eventually address certain important financial matters.

This article discusses the steps recent widows and widowers will want to take to help them organize and prioritize their finances.

Why are we still using social security numbers to identify ourselves?

The damage from Social Security number theft is real. Criminals use those numbers to steal your identity, ruin your credit and grab your tax refund. It can take years and lawyers to clear this up.

And in some cases, criminals use it to fraudulently bill visits to the doctor. That could alter your electronic medical record, which first responders rely on to treat you during emergencies when you're passed out. It happened to one man in Oregon, according to Bob Gegg at ID Experts, a privacy software company.

This raises an important question: Why are we still using SSNs to verify our identities if they're so exposed?

New AP History Curriculum Emphasizes Negative View of U.S. History,

The College Board has changed its Advanced Placement U.S. history curriculum so it now omits central figures and battles from American history and puts in their place negative depictions of U.S. history and principles.

The organization claims its material only adds to and does not replace state-based material. The College Board was contacted for comment but did not respond.

“Up until last May,” said Mercer, “the AP History was whatever you had for your state standard, and on top of that was this five page topical document. Well, starting this fall it’s not a five page, but a 98 page framework.”

Obama calls for more regulation over Internet providers

Are our free rights and privacy going to be further monitored? 

Obama is proposing that Internet providers should not be allowed to make deals with online services, like Netflix or YouTube, to move their content faster, and that this should all be regulated just like phone companies.

This proposition calls for a stricter regulation over the Internet, and could call for a temporary block from Internet providers on content moving across networks. 

What could this possible change mean for online services and the consumers who are using these services?

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