Subject: March 2014 Newsletter

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Converting Your Assets to an IRA When You Retire

If you're about to retire--or have already recently retired--you have an important decision to make about the money in your 403(b) or 457 plan account: Do you take a lump-sum distribution, or roll it over? If your plan allows it, rolling over your account into an IRA may prove beneficial to you for a number of reasons.

Government union members march, demand  Illinois legislature "Stop pension theft"

Public sector unions are converging as "We are One" at the State Capitol, demanding the Illinois legislature keep the pension promises they made over the decades. The "We are One" coalition is pushing for employers to pay more taxes and for Illinois to shift to a progressive income tax rate.

The high graduation rates of Illinois' lowest-performing schools

Despite having only 11 percent of students performing at grade level in math and reading, Illinois' lowest-performing high schools graduate more than 60 percent of their students within four years. This statistic indicates that students are lacking the knowledge and the skills necessary to be successful in a career or in college.

25 maps that will change the way you see the world

Over the last few months it seems that maps have been all the rage. Obviously, there is a difference around the world. Check out these startling 25 maps that will change the way you see the world. It will help you understand the world.

Why would anybody get married?

We can all agree that before you commit to marriage, you ought to take the time to get to know your significant other. Take your time getting to know yourself, establish what values are important to you and don't be afraid to walk away from a person who doesn't share your values or vision for the future before you take the plunge. 

A scary perspective of the Ukraine crises the media won't give you

For many years now the U.S. has been at war in the middle east for the purpose of securing oil and gas, as well as building the pipelines to deliver it to the global markets. Do you know where the bulk of Russia's oil and gas travels to the global market? 

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