Subject: June/July 2014 Newsletter

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Unlock the Value of Your Portfolio with Securities Based Lending

How you borrow is an important aspect of maintaining your wealth and achieving your overall financial objectives. When executed properly, a securities based loan can provide the financing you need without liquidating assets, diminishing cash reserves or disrupting your overall investment strategy. There are risks associated with using your assets as collateral in a securities based loan, including for example (i) the need to deposit additional eligible securities to maintain the availability of funds and (ii) possible margin calls on short notice.

Doing Nothing to Fix Homelessness Comes With Unexpected Costs for Americans

The study found that it would cost taxpayers just $10,051 per homeless person to provide permanent housing, as well as services like job training and health care. This means that if central Florida took the permanent supportive housing approach, it could save $350 million over the next decade. Looming over these studies that can theoretically salvage collapsing state budgets are earlier studies claiming that homeless people are content with their lot.

Immigration Reform: Congress Won't Vote? A Changing Electorate Will

This bill, languishing in congress for over a year, has something that both liberals and conservatives can fall in love with. For fiscal conservatives, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates the Senate bill would reduce our deficit by nearly a trillion dollars over the next 20 years. For liberals, economists project that passing comprehensive immigration reform would raise wages by 25 percent and create 160,000 jobs each year — American jobs. All this should convince any member of Congress with a conscience to pass immigration reform. But for some on Capitol Hill, the only job they care about securing is their own.

California Teacher Tenure Found to Violate Student Rights

California’s two biggest teacher unions lost the first round in the broadest court challenge yet to state laws protecting teachers’ jobs, setting the stage for what could be a lengthy appeal. Superior Court Judge Rolf Treu in his tentative ruling found that low-income and minority students are disproportionately stuck with “grossly” ineffective teachers, leading him to conclude the challenged laws violate the students’ fundamental right to equality of education.

Ives: HB 105- Power over Process

Any half-baked idea can pop up at a moment’s notice, during the last few days of the legislative session in Springfield. One last minute piece of legislation, introduced and passed with only Democrat votes, showed up only a few hours before adjournment and radically changed voting regulations for the 2014 election. The bill requires Illinois public universities to set up same day voter registration and voting through the close of the polls in “high traffic” areas of certain public universities. It is tempting to give in to the cynicism and suggest that the best high traffic area may just be on the sidewalk outside the bar. While students are in the que to enter, they can register and vote. If underage students just want to vote – no ID required, but of course, they will need one to enter the bar.

A Little Student Loan Debt Never Hurt Anyone

Only 5% of the student loans are over $50,000. There is already in place a program that limits payments to 15% of income and forgiveness after 25 years. Is the recent bill simply a ploy to encourage more student loan activity? If so, for whose benefit? Banks? Unions? Politicians?

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