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Long-Term Care Insurance: Key Questions for Prospective Policyholders

Long-term care falls beyond the scope of Medicare. But does that mean you need long-term care insurance? Anyone considering long-term care insurance may want to ask several key questions first. What are some of the questions you should ask before you buy long-term care insurance?

Detroit Bankruptcy Judge Says Government Pensions Aren't Protected

A federal bankruptcy judge has ruled Detroit may reorganize under bankruptcy law. The decision means holders of Detroit bonds could take losses, city workers and retirees could see wages and benefits cut, and other creditors could end up with only pennies on the dollars owed.

As Tuition Increases, So Do College Bureaucracies 

An examination of federal data on the explosion in college costs reveals how far colleges have gotten away from their original mission of providing "higher" education. For every $1 spent on instruction, $1.82 is spent on non-instructional things.

Contamination of U.S. Food

Each year, 3,000 Americans die & one in six gets sick from the food they eat. The Food Safety Modern-ization Act signed by President Obama in January 2011 was designed to fix the problem through the most comprehensive food-safety reform in more than 70 years.

Former part-time elected officials receiving lifetime Illinois pensions

The article on part-time elected officials, while mathematically sound, may be misleading to the casual reader. Speed readers may also come away with the erroneous assumption that part-timers are receiving $200,000 annual pensions. 

Illinois' "Obesity Epidemic"

Better Government Association president, Andy Shaw, examines Illinois' "obesity epidemic." Illinois has an abundance of taxing bodies. Their unique local government structure significantly contributes to its excessive property taxes and the state's out-migration problem.

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