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Dissecting the Pension Crisis
“Let’s pass it so we can read it and find out what it says!” Four (4) articles beginning with an explanation of the Madigan/Cullerton pension reform bill and culminating with the emboldened proponents of pension reform to resurrect long standing objections to the current pension system, the moral issues and financial issues collide head on like two subterranean tech plates.

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Dear Millennials: Your Retirement Is In Trouble
Twenty-somethings will need to save much more than our parents did for retirement. To do that, we need a game plan - and to educate ourselves on the ways the older generation helped us get into this mess. It seems Millennials are the generation least prepared for retirement, and for a number of good reasons.
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What is Bitcoin?
Everyone is talking about Bitcoin these days. The virtual currency has begun to go mainstream with announcements that Virgin Galactic and WordPress would accept the currency. Even a university in Cyprus has begun to accept Bitcoin as tuition payments. Recently, the Senate even had a hearing on the currency.
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The Federal Government Profits Big from Student Loans
There has been a new development regarding student loans since the Department of Education reported in September that the student loan default rate hit a 16-year high, with students owing around $1.1 trillion total
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Are Companies Getting Rich Off of Obama Care?
Health care is a business, and businesses are supposed to make money.  Still, it's a bit concerning that health-care investors are so upbeat just as President Barack Obama's health-reform law goes into effect.
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Keeping Financially Fit
There's much more to getting and staying ahead financially than earning a good salary. This article offers tips and best practices on ways to help improve one's financial well-being.
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