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ETF Funds and K-1s

In his role as the Executive Director, Vincent Romano is responsible for the financial service component of WTC.
That information is made available via the WTC website and monthly newsletter where he shares his four decades of experience in the financial services industry.
ETF Funds and K-1s. One topic, which is relevant during the tax season, and therefore is included in our January newsletter, is titled, K-1’s: It exposes the fact that, in many cases, especially for those who have IRA accounts, it is unnecessary and a waste of good money to file any K-1 reports with your tax return.
Are You Smarter Than an Educator?

Why should anyone learn about things that happened far away and long ago? Obviously, we can try to find a guide into tomorrow by taking lessons from the past. Politics includes the changing times and circumstances so that it enables us to learn by trial and error. 
Retiring Early? 
Mind the Gap! 

Thinking of an early retirement? You’ll first want to consider how you intend to pay for health care costs, when you should begin collecting Social Security and how an early retirement might impact your long-term retirement investing strategy.

Bequeath or Beneficiary: In Estate Planning, the Difference Is Crucial

Many well-thought out wills do not work as the deceased intended in life because they do not take into account the named beneficiaries of assets like IRAs, bank accounts, insurance policies, mutual funds, bonds and stocks.
2013 Recap

2013 was an exciting and pivotal year involving debate over the pension crisis via ACA, school reform, income inequality. For short review, follow the links below.

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