Subject: August 2014 Newsletter

Equal Rights Amendment Promotes Same Sex Marriage & Power of Men Over Women

She said her customers would not want him in the dressing room with them as they tried on maternity clothes, or helping them fasten corsets so she would not hire him. If ERA were the law of the land she would HAVE to hire him. Many people tell me, "Oh, but there would be exceptions for those situations". NO THERE WOULD NOT.

Doing Nothing to Fix Homelessness Comes With Unexpected Costs for Americans

If you rent versus own a home, your investment profile is likely different from that of a homeowner. Consider these renter-friendly strategies to complement your lifestyle choice and financial objectives.If you are one of the 35% of Americans who currently rents...

Retired Briarcliff schools chief gets $1,000 a day in Putnam Valley

The budgets of New York’s school districts continue to get pummeled by back room agreements that enhance administrator’s pensions and allow for unlimited double dipping. Briarcliff Manor’s superintendent retired  in 2010,  with a $50,000 bonus, and the promise of retirement funded by pensions from her 16 years in New York and another 25 years in Maine.

Education Reform is Dumb

Reformers, typically starting with the belief that American schools are failing, argue for any number of changes. Even though unions represent only 38 percent of America’s teachers, many say unions are ruining education. Even though charter schools are not necessarily cheaper to run and don’t produce better outcomes, some argue for more charter schools. But their most peculiar talking point is money in education.

Principals in U.S. Are More Likely to Consider Their Students Poor

The phrase “soft bigotry of low expectations” is inevitably associated with George W. Bush, who used it frequently. But whatever your politics, the idea has undeniable merit: If schools don’t expect much from their students, the students are not likely to accomplish much.

Student Debt and Higher Education

There is no doubt that students are graduating with more debt for a college education than they did even a decade ago. .Student debt has been a hot topic of discussion in Washington, Albany, and all around the country. Such debt is causing many college graduates to move back home as they can’t afford one of their own. These graduates are losing lifetime wealth due to college debt. Although this may be true, it may not be the entire issue.

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