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Children and Money: Lessons in Self-Control

We all know that money doesn't grow on trees, but do your children really know how to manage it? Making the connection between saving first and spending later makes possible a lifetime of responsible money management. You can emphasize this connection by following a plan of age-appropriate techniques designed to emphasize the importance of controlling impulsive behavior.

Dashed Ikea Dreams Show Decades Lost to Bribery in Ukraine

Almost half of Ukrainians say they desire IKEA products more than any other global brand, yet the largest home-furnishings retailer hasn't been able to crack the market in a decade of trying. The reason: it won't pay a bribe. 

Complementing and reflecting on the content of this article is: "The Rise and Fall of the More Perfect Union." After reading the Ikea article, return and click here.

Want Success? Choose the Right Parents

Gregory Clark's startling new book, "The Son Also Rises", asks you to rethink everything you thought you knew about social mobility. His research, if correct, isn't good news. It says that socio-economic status is mostly a matter of nature not nurture, and suggests that trying to help the disadvantaged move up won't make much difference.

It is recommeded that the reader also google E.O. Wilson's theory on Chemical Determinism. 

Geraldine Ferraro's Loss Was Women's Gain

The Showtime cable-television channel broadcast "Geraldine Ferraro: Paving the Way", a documentary about her 1984 race for vice president. though defeated, it was a seminal moment in politics validated by the subsequent extraordinary leap in the number of female officeholders.

The reader is directed to the TSA.  Search: Alistaire Cooke: ",,,a date that will live in infamy"

The Only Way to Stop Illegal Immigration

If the House of Representatives is determined to undermine the Senate's work on immigration reform, it might as well do the job right. The House can begin to lay a basis for the kind of legislative deal that could pass in a year, maybe tow, when Republicans face up to the fact that their future depends on it. Such a deal would achieve what many of the House's most vocal opponents of reform have long demanded: a crackdown on illegal immigration. 

Mothers Speak for Choice

Most mothers may not be steeped in what income bracket is "appropriate" to extend vouchers to, but we know better than anyone in the universe what environment helps our kids thrive. The intimate knowledge mothers and fathers have of their child is what makes them his best advocate. Education policy should foster, not frustrate, their expertise.

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