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Passive Houses | Clean Energy | Urban Sustainability
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Passive Houses to play a bigger role in fight against climate change 
By Jonny Wakefield, 29 June 2017

Passive Houses, ultra-efficient dwellings that use a fraction of the energy used to heat regular homes, are increasingly seen as a solution to rising greenhouse gas emissions as cities take the lead on fighting climate change. 
Clean Capital
Is a 100 per cent clean-energy city possible?
By Malone Mullin, 29 June 2017

As urban centres go, Vancouver is an eco-warrior’s haven. But in terms of hard numbers, according to a new report out of Simon Fraser University, the city doesn’t quite live up to its reputation: it gets only 30 percent of its energy from renewable sources. 

Clean Capital
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Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, sustainability has been about the challenge of improving human well‑being through economic growth while also operating within the boundaries of natural systems. Photo: Don Erhardt.

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