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Teardowns | Ride Sharing | Sea Level Change
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Clean Capital Newsletter
Clean Capital Newsletter
Dear readers,
As part of our efforts to continually improve our services, we are partnering with the University of British Columbia (UBC) Sustainability Initiative to connect you to with the latest in applied sustainability research.  
This collaboration will enable us to provide you with a more comprehensive overview of the clean tech sector, climate policy and sustainability and will continue to inform partnerships and investment in Canada’s clean economy.
As the global population grows, sustainability provides a framework to explore the kind of world we want to create. Our new format means you will gain access to emerging and relevant news from over 40 UBC research organizations and numerous innovative and applied projects making an impact on and off-campus.
As a global centre for research and teaching, with a 20-year history of sustainability achievement, we are able to directly connect you to reputable and established expertise as we continue to advance thinking that considers the environmental, social, and economic implications of our actions.
Our unique position as a university means we can treat our campus as a societal test-bed where we explore ways to mitigate society’s impact on climate and create a resilient and thriving community at an urban neighbourhood scale.
We hope this reflects our greater emphasis on the relationships between clean technology and sustainability, helps support your efforts in this field and inspires further collaborations.
Dr. James Tansey
Executive Director
UBC Sustainability Initiative
Clean Capital Newsletter
UBC research shows there’s gold in them thar’ teardowns
By Jonny Wakefield, 14 April 2016

Stately heritage homes are a dying breed in B.C., falling victim to Vancouver’s changing housing landscape. Now, that trend is gaining some international profile. Earlier this month, a photographer captured a shot that’s becoming one of the defining images of B.C.’s topsy-turvy real estate market.
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Clean Capital Newsletter
Staying behind the wheel of ridesharing in Vancouver
By Maura Forrest, 14 April 2016

“A city with Uber will be a more prosperous city.” So spoke Uber CEO Travis Kalanick on his company’s fifth anniversary last June.  At the time, the ride-sharing service had 26,000 drivers in New York, 15,000 in London and 22,000 in San Francisco.

Clean Capital Newsletter
New strategies for public engagement needed to address sea level rise
By Jenny Tan, 14 April 2016

A recent report by UBC MA of Planning candidate Tina Barisky notes that rising sea levels due to climate change require a different framing and delivery from standard planning issues. Vancouver was named the world’s 11th coastal city most vulnerable to sea level rise by a study published in the Nature Climate Change journal.
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Other news
  • GLOBE series just released the GLOBE 2016 conference plenary videos.
  • Rapid environmental change is occurring in the Arctic as temperatures rise, but Canada may be leaving the region out in the cold
  • The Collaborative Solutions for Haida Gwaii Herring Fisheries project aims to help resolve the dispute that flared up in 2014 when the government re-opened the herring fishery after a decade of closure.
  • Will demand for Tesla’s Model 3 overwhelm the electricity grid?
  • Since 2012, the World Happiness Report has championed the idea that
    happiness is a better measure of human welfare than standard indicators
    like wealth, education, health, or good government.
  • Does a carbon tax work? Ask British Columbia
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