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Food Waste | Transportation ZEVs | Energy Investment
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Clean Capital
From farm to . . . trash can?
By Maura Forrest, 26 January 2017

Up to one third of all food produced for humans is spoiled or wasted instead of eaten. That amounts to nearly 1.2 billion tonnes of food every year. And that’s not just because some kids refuse to finish their supper.
Clean Capital
ZEV mandate gets high marks on electric vehicle report card
By Jonny Wakefield, 26 January 2017

Zero-emission vehicle regulations pioneered in California could be Canada’s best shot at curbing emissions from its transportation sector, a new study suggests.
Clean Capital
Global investment in renewables: The future is optimistic
By Dr. Thor Jenson and Dr. James Tansey, 26 January 2017
Global investment in renewables is one of the essential elements of any plan to tackle greenhouse gas emissions. Since the Stern Report in 2006 . . . a number of organizations . . . have been tracking the growth of the sector.
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