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Fisheries | Millennials | Methane Capture
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Clean Capital Newsletter
Clean Capital Newsletter
Clean Capital
Fishing in a changing climate
By Maura Forrest, 9 June 2016

Throughout the world’s oceans, fish populations are moving poleward as climate change causes water temperatures to increase. And the migration has profound implications for ecosystem health and the fishing industry.

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Clean Capital
Millennials break ideological boundaries when combatting climate change
By Arman Kazemi, 9 June 2016

Canadians between 18 and 30 years old are making their values around sustainability heard, and the ballot box is just one of the tools they use.

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Clean Capital
To fight climate change, B.C. should get smart with manure, UBC researcher says
By Jonny Wakefield, 9 June 2016
While the Canadian beef industry accounts for just 3.6 per cent of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions, thanks to the methane-heavy flatulence of cows fed forage diets, many believe a handful of changes in agricultural practice can take the industry from Humvee to hybrid.

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Other news & events
  • The Climate Examiner scours the headlines and scientific journals for the latest climate-related developments, research and energy policy news, aiming to explain key developments and concepts that are relevant to British Columbia, the western region and Canada as a whole. Subscribe to this new weekly PICS news source and obtain access to climate change stories from a unique, informative BC and Canadian context.
  • Repurposing construction waste at the University of British Columbia has become one of the essential pillars in UBC’s efforts to become a zero-waste campus.
  • The Pacific North America Climate Leadership agreement . . . aims at an integration of low-carbon policies and achieving common metrics and standards . . . emphasising buildings, transport, waste and energy.
  • When it comes to new housing, the architectural culture and traditions are important to First Nations, and the AYO-UBC smart-home prototype has strived to capture those values for new homes on Vancouver Island.
  • District Energy+Water Academy: An executive level intensive to accelerate urban energy and water solutions at the district scale. Vancouver, Nov. 2-4, 2016.
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