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Driverless Cars | Sporting Events | Climate Leadership | Social Ventures
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Clean Capital Newsletter
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Driverless cars moving full speed ahead 
By Maura Forrest, 25 August 2016

They are the stuff of sci-fi blockbusters, and soon, they could be coming to a highway near you.

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Clean Capital
Measuring the environmental impact of large sporting events, a tricky task
By Jonny Wakefield, 25 August 2016

The 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro opened with a rallying cry for the environmental movement—a welcome ceremony that featured powerful messages about deforestation, climate change and rising sea levels. 

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Bringing back the bronze medal for climate
By Dr. James Tansey, 25 August 2016

The Province of B.C. released its long anticipated Climate Leadership Plan on Friday. As a member of the panel that was convened to create a list of recommendations, it is worth noting that it has been a year since the process was initiated by the Minister.
Clean Capital
Vancouver’s social venture space faces growing pains
By Jenny Tan, 25 August 2016

Wish you could grow some bok choy in your garden, but don’t have a clue how? There’s a social venture that can help with that.

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Other news & events
  • With the successful completion of the Rio Olympic games it is valuable to reflect on what has been achieved in terms of the contribution of the event to the sustainability agenda: one of the pillars of the Games.
  • Sockeye returns could be lowest in a century. The number of Fraser River fish returning this year is expected to be lower than in 2009.
  • Carbon price comparison shows B.C. is not a laggard. Even with a price freeze, province’s carbon tax is still higher than Ontario’s and Quebec’s.

  • Uprooted: how climate change may kick off an artificial migration of trees. Assisted migration could help save forests.
  • Is it algae or glacier melt that's causing green waters in southern B.C.? The green water that stretches from the southern Gulf Islands, up the Strait of Georgia and Howe Sound north to Desolation Sound, is proving to be a bit of a mystery.
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