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Bees | Wine | Energiewende
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Clean Capital Newsletter
Clean Capital Newsletter
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The buzz about bees
By Maura Forrest, 23 June 2016

By now, you've heard the story. Honeybees are dying off at alarming rates. In Canada, about 30 per cent of bees are disappearing every winter. And to date, nobody's entirely sure why.

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Clean Capital
Tracking climate change’s impact on B.C. winemakers
By Jonny Wakefield, 23 June 2016

For B.C. winemakers, it’s an exciting, if worrying, prospect: climate change pushing the continent’s best grape-growing regions north. According to some studies, B.C.’s wine-producing regions stand to benefit from earlier harvests brought on by a warming planet.

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What Vancouver can learn from Osnabrück’s clean energy transition
By Jenny Tan, 23 June 2016
Energiewende is the word. Literally, it means “energy turn,” and the term has entered the international lexicon to denote Germany’s shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

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Other news & events
  • How smart homes can foster sustainable communities: Innovative technologies that create and implement new scientific knowledge to an existing sector help shape the industry and spur change. No wonder many refer to them as disruptive. A new housing concept, the AYO Smart Home, offers an alternative way to address sustainable living in Indigenous communities across the province.

  • The connection between public transit and urban sustainability is significant; public transportation has been shown to reduce air pollution and GHG emissions, positively enhance urban densification, and drive economic growth in communities.
  • For both kids and adults, games are sometimes a great way to learn about social issues and brainstorm creative solutions. These four new games tackle the most pressing challenge for humanity: climate change.
  • Meeru Dhalwala founded Joy of Feeding to promote sustainability and benefit UBC's certified-organic farm. Joy of Feeding takes place on June 25 at UBC Farm from 5 to 8 p.m. Tickets, $55 (kids 12 and under are free).
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