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China Trade Mission | Geothermal Energy | Eco-Policies
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Clean Capital News
Clean Capital News
Ontario’s China trade mission a boon for Canadian clean tech
Maura Forrest 13 November 2014

There are blue skies over Beijing this week. But that’s only because the government has shut down factories and forced cars off the road to reduce air pollution before this month’s Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit. Just one month ago, air quality was at a record low for the year, hovering at 215 times safe levels for over 50 hours.

Clean Capital News
Geothermal energy could be the viable alternative for B.C. as Site C decision looms
Arman Kazemi 13 November 2014

British Columbia’s potential to become a hotspot for renewable geothermal energy has been highlighted again as the provincial government is expected to hand down a decision on the controversial Site C dam sometime this month. In an interview with Canadian Geothermal Association chair Alison Thompson, the ECOreport is calling the government’s blind spot when it comes to geothermal energy a trillion dollar opportunity that may soon be lost if the Site C proposal goes through.

Clean Capital News
New commission explores eco-policies to grow the economy and protect the environment
James Noble 13 November, 2014

A new commission made up of former lawmakers and thought leaders have joined forces to study the economic effects of the way policy makers tax environmental costs—with the hope of engineering a change in Canada’s fiscal policies to help the environment and the economy. The idea of the Ecofiscal Commission is to meet over a five or six year period and deliver a series of reports on issues such as carbon, municipal waste, traffic congestion, and water quality.

Other News
  • Swiss battery start-up Alevo secures $1 billion in private financing
    With the lofty ambition of revolutionizing the energy storage market in the United States, Alevo announced a new round of financing this week for its novel battery storage systems. Housed inside shipping containers, the system is designed to provide grid-scale storage that can be recharged 40,000 times and store enough power to run 1,300 homes for an hour.
  • Canadian Solar wins big in Brazil
    The Canadian-Chinese firm, in partnership with Solatio – a Brazilian power producer – have won bids to construct and manage three solar farms with a total capacity of 114MW.
  • BMW secures second spot in EV race
    Behind industry leader Tesla, BMW has started its ascent in the electric vehicle market. With sales driven by the i3 and i8 models, some data suggests that BMW has passed Nissan as the second largest provider of EVs in the United States.


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