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Report: Nova Scotia should implement a carbon tax to boost economy
Maura Forrest 27 November 2014

Nova Scotia should adopt a carbon tax and expand its harmonized sales tax to help put a stop to the province’s steady economic decline, according to a new review of the province’s tax system. The report, released by former Ontario cabinet minister Laurel Broten, delivers 22 recommendations for reforming the tax system, including cuts to income and corporate tax rates, and a freeze on government spending.

Clean Capital News
Biomass plays a role in Canadian energy company’s Brazilian expansion
Arman Kazemi 27 November 2014

A major purchase by one of Canada’s biggest green energy players – Brookfield Asset Management – shows that portfolio diversity is key to long-term sustainability in the renewable market.The firm is set to make a $1 billion, 488-megawatt purchase consisting of mixed renewables from Energisa S.A., one of Brazil’s largest private-sector energy distributors.

Clean Capital News
Third Canadian public-private venture capital fund announced
James Noble 27 November 2014

The latest Canadian public-private venture capital fund recently announced it raised $160 million on its initial closing. The newest fund, dubbed the Kensington Venture Fund, is run by Toronto-based Kensington Capital Partners and supported by a government commitment of $1 for every $2 committed by private sector investors.

  • Quebec and Ontario sign historic electricity trade agreement
    After a joint session of two provincial cabinets, the Premiers of Quebec and Ontario announced an agreement that promotes trade of electricity. The agreement signals a big step forward in intra-provincial trade, and could also lead to Ontario embracing carbon pricing.
  • A new claim to the floating solar crown
    A new project – this time from Japan – is the largest attempt to date to make floating solar viable. Based in the Saitama Prefecture, the project will float over 27,000 solar panels over an agricultural reservoir, aimed at powering a 7.5 MW solar plant.
  • Quebec dealer makes all-electric Chevy a top seller
    The Chevy Volt – an all-electric vehicle – has become a top seller for one Quebec car dealer, with over 1/3 of its total sales coming from the model. By importing used vehicles from the United States, and educating its sales staff on the merits of EVs, the dealership managed to make EVs an integral part of their sales strategy.


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