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B.C. partners with First Nations to develop clean energy in aboriginal communities
Arman Kazemi, 14 January 2016

The B.C. government has announced a new round of funding from the First Nations Clean Energy Business Fund, a program that has channelled over $8 million to 116 aboriginal communities across the province.
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Benefits of state renewable energy standards outweigh costs, study finds
Jenny Tan, 14 January 2016
A new U.S. Department of Energy report finds the benefits of renewable portfolio standards greatly exceed their costs.

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The single element that could turn carbon dioxide into clean energy
Maura Forrest, 14 January 2016

A team of scientists has created a new material that could turn carbon-dioxide emissions into a clean energy source.

Other News
  • Alberta, Manitoba to work together on clean energy
    The NDP premiers of Manitoba and Alberta are promising to work together on climate change and renewable energy. Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger and Alberta Premier Rachel Notley met in Winnipeg last week. Manitoba has recently promised to create 6,000 green jobs in the next five years, while Alberta plans to implement a carbon tax by 2018.
  • Solar balloons could provide power from above the clouds
    A research lab run out of France and Japan has plans to build solar balloons that would harness solar power from above the clouds. Photovoltaic panels on the balloons would generate solar power, free from the clouds’ interference. The balloons would be held up by hydrogen, which would also power fuel cells that would generate electricity during the night.
  • Harvesting clean energy from the beautiful game
    A crowdfunding campaign has plans to send energy-producing soccer balls and skipping ropes to refugees and migrants in France. The soccer balls, designed by U.S. company Uncharted Play, charge up while they’re in use, as do the ropes. Uncharted Play says its soccer balls can provide three hours of light after just one hour of play.
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