Subject: Easy Wish Spell For Love Or Anything

Easy Wish Spell For Love Or Anything. FREE
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Easy Wish Spell For Love Or Anything:

This spell in particular may not work for everything. Do not ask for anything outrageous like, "I want to marry Rob Pattinson." The only time it works is if you give it ample time and ask for something within reason, or someone you can actually obtain and touch.

A pen and a small piece of paper (3x3)
A candle
A cauldron, ashtray, or glass bowl. Anything fireproof.

-On the piece of paper, draw a pentagram. Now draw a circle around it.
-Within the pentagram and circle, write your wish.
-On the back, write your name and birthday.
-Add blood or your perfume (isn't necessary but strengthens the wish) and burn. Imagine what you want while it burns.

Good Luck and Blessed Be!

Give about a month to see the results and repeat as often as you like.
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