Subject: ☢ AMA/CFTA Western Series Championship Update & Event Cancellations Notice

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Thanks Be to Thee, American Mile Participants

What a fine, fine day of traditional flat track racing. It seemed that every race was nail-bitingly close.  What a competent, professional and respectful group we hosted.  As always, the logistics of pulling off an event with 194 participants in a tight timeframe were challenging.  We learned a lot from our event in 2015, and our goal was to apply our lessons - hopefully we did that.   For those of you who felt rushed, damnit, we're sorry, we tried hard as hard can be. The CFTA staff did their best and they should stand proud!  Thanks to all for what you accomplished. It was one for the record books.   SAFE, as the home plate umpire says.

Event Cancellations
Calistoga Half Mile

It's with aching hearts from each of us at CFTA, that we tell you that we we won't be allowed to run this event. We had reached an agreement with the "powers that be" in mid-March to run our CFTA Western Flat Track Pro/Am event on the Sunday after the pro event, thus creating an epic weekend of american professional and amateur racing.  Earlier this week, somebody changed their mind.  This is what we were to tell you:
Salinas Half Mile TT

As if the angst of canceling Calistoga wasn't enough, we can't run the Salinas Half Mile TT this year either. This cuts deep! We always run this race at the end of the season and time it to be adjacent to the last AFT race and Eddie Mulder's $50K Willow Springs event. The idea is to have three premier races on back-to-back-to-back weekends.  It's worked very well in the past.  So, we waited patiently until the schedules of the other promoters were announced.  We then chose an open date and announced it. Three weeks later, we saw that the Willow Springs event had been moved on top of our date. We attempted to negotiate a solution but we were told it was non-negotiable.  We resorted to plan B to find another date with the Salinas Rodeo Grounds but they were solidly booked.  Sad and angry, we had no other choice but to cancel the event.
This Ain't No Way to Grow the Sport

Fact is, some of the promoters are not working together on the West Coast, rather choosing a cavalier approach that ignores other promoter's schedules.  In addition to the above two situations, earlier in the year the A.J. Herrera race was scheduled on top of our Humboldt Half Mile.  We subsequently moved that event to a later less-appealing date to avoid conflict.  

All of these avoidable collisions damages the sport and everyone involved. There are plenty of race weekends available if we'd all just cooperate and communicate.  If not, then the only other option is to compete against each other and that creates a toxic environment. I'd ask that all of you racers communicate your concern to the promoters.   

CFTA sincerely apologizes to our riders for this emotional let down.  You don't deserve to be treated this way. You've been loyal to our vision of raising the quality and participation of flat track racing in the Western U.S.   

CFTA will not only prevail but we continue to build our program, cooperative local promoters or not, but our sincere hopes is that we can all work together.  

Don't worry about us, we're already waist deep in much bigger things in 2018.  Speaking of big things....
CFTA Western Flat Track Championship Rd. #5
Merced Speedway

Pro Purse: $2,000
Hooligan Purse: $1,000
Expert Purse:  $500

CFTA Western Flat Track Championship Rd. #6
Inaugural Humboldt Half Mile

Pro Purse: $5,000+

This promises to attract our largest spectator attendance of the year.  The response from the local community has been huge.  We are going all out on this event, including radio advertising, TV coverage, a pre-party, live band and sponsorship by several large firms.   

It's a beautiful facility and there's no better weekend getaway than the Lost Coast of Humboldt County. We'll publish event accommodations soon.

Announcing the Flat Track Safety Group 

CFTA would like to make everyone aware of a newly-formed group to address the safety challenges in U.S. flat track racing.  Just a note, while the owner of CFTA is a co-founder, this is a totally separate organization and includes many other individuals. 

It's way, way past time to make big changes in our sport.  Sadly, safety has not been a priority on any level and no one organization has taken on the responsibility.   We ask for your help, as safety standards are pathetic today and we need to need make big changes fast. Learn more about what we are doing:


We welcome your contribution. This is a grass roots effort.

2017 AMA Dirt Track Grand Nationals

Yes, it's that time again.  Yes, we are talking to the AMA about bringing it out to the West Coast.  Yes, it's an uphill battle.  Yes, we relish battles.

2017 CFTA/AMA Western Flat Track 
Pro Am Schedule

Note: We'll have Calistoga & Salinas edited out in our next email.

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