Subject: Tonight's Tasting = Something for Everyone; More lo-fi Oregon Wine in the shop; Newport Storm Tasting Tomorrow; Hats off to all the Grads! Holiday Hours.

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Liquor, When the Spirits Move Us. 
It's a busy weekend in Providence and another one of our favorite times of the year. All the celebrations of hard work come to fruition are such happy bookends to the bustle and energy of September. So congratulations to all the graduates out there; we’ll see you at reunion time!

We’ve got a little bit of symbolism happening in tonight’s tasting. We open with a French sparkler, and everyone knows that sparkling wine denotes celebrations and all things good and happy. We close our tasting with Forlorn Hope Mataro, in honor of Memorial Day. The phrase ‘forlorn hope’ is from the mid-16th century Dutch expression ‘verloren hoop’, which originally denoted a band of soldiers picked to begin an attack, many of whom would not survive. Over the years it’s come to mean more of a persistent hope that’s never to be fulfilled. Either way, it’s a strange name for a wine, but it makes sense, as producer Mathew Rorick describes it: we love the longshots. We love the outsiders, the lost causes, the people/projects/ideas abandoned as not having a chance in the world. We love the longshots because we’re all about tenacity, we relish a challenge, and – we admit it – we love us a good tussle… (these wines are) rare creatures from appellations unknown and varieties uncommon, these wines are our brave advance party, our pride and joy – our Forlorn Hope.

That resonates with us on so many levels…from the personal sacrifice to the championing of the underdog – the story is real. 

Cheers, congratulations, and Happy Memorial Day from all of us at Campus!
New Wines in the Shop:

"Single vineyard Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc, made without fuss from vineyards in Oregon's WIllamette Valley".

We were lucky to meet Vincent Fritzsche this week and taste some of his very small production Eola Hills wines. We picked up the 2014 Pinot Blanc, 2014 Eola Hills Pinot Noir, and the last 3 bottles of 2014 Ribbon Ridge Pinot Noir. These wines are made minimally, with wild yeast, and very little sulfur. They're clean, silky, lively. Anyone familiar with Pierre Frick might pick up a little bit of that Alsatian natural wine flair in this Pinot Blanc. Very delicious. Here's a good article about the producer if you want to delve in a little more. 
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Friday Wine Tasting in the Shop, 5pm - 8pm
Louis de Grenelle "Platine" NV Brut, Crémant de Loire, Saumur

Created in 1859, this is one of the oldest (and last) family owned sparkling wine houses in Saumur. Platine is a hand-harvested blend of 85% Chenin Blanc, 10% Chardonnay & 5% Cabernet Franc from limestone hillsides outside of Saumur. It’s made in the Champagne-method and aged for at least 18 months before being bottled at 7 grams dosage. This is a bang for your buck bubbly, with stones and hay, lemons and pears, a fine bead, and a delicate and delicious finish.

Pépière 2014 Muscadet Sèvre et Maine Clos des Briords

2014 Loire Valley whites have been a real treat, and 2014 Clos de Briords is no exception. Marc Ollivier is tops in his field and it shows with this wine. It’s from 3 hectares of old vines planted on the granite of Chateau Thébaud. He hand harvests, uses natural yeasts, and the wine stays in contact with the lees until time of bottling (about 7 months). It’s then bottled with a very light filtration. 2014 is a bit rounder and richer than previous vintages. An average spring through July was followed by a cold and humid August. The risk of rot was very high, through the end of August, when dry, sunny weather emerged and lasted through October. This allowed the grapes to mature with high sugar and his acidity. The result here is a wine that is incredibly balanced, splashed with bright citrus, texturally appealing, and stony/salty on the finish, just how you want it.

Cuilleron 2015 VdP Collines Rhodaniennes Rosé Sybel

From the importers website: The Cuilleron family domaine, located in the hamlet of Verlieu (part of the town of Chavanay) was founded several generations ago (1920). Yves Cuilleron’s grandfather was the first to bottle wine for commercial purposes in 1947. Antoine Cuilleron, the uncle and immediate predecessor of Yves, assumed control of the domaine in 1960 and significantly increased the percentage of wine bottled at the estate and extended the scope of the domaine. Yves assumed full ownership and direction of the domaine in 1987 and, since that time, has built an entirely new facility while at the same time acquiring additional vineyard property. The domaine is now…52 hectares of vineyards that cover multiple appellations, including principally, Condrieu, Saint Joseph Rouge and Blanc, Cote Rotie, Saint Péray and a series of Vin de Pays from the Collines Rhodaniennes.

This is a smooth and round rosé, dry but full of ripe red fruit. It’s only 12.5% abv, but it feels much richer than that. It has the fruit and balance to sip on its own, but the weight and acidity to be a refreshing gulp between bites.

Forlorn Hope 2014 Mataro, Rorick Vineyard, 
Calaveras County, CA

From the producers website: The Forlorn Hope wines were born to connect the thread between California’s boundless viticultural potential and its diverse viticultural history. In addition to the vines my family and I farm, I work with a handful of growers across the north of the state whose plantings might otherwise be misfits: the uncommon sites and varieties that pay tribute to California’s eclectic and often unexpected viticultural heritage. Taking cues from the stones and soil, I endeavor to interrupt the natural development of each of these wines as little as possible in order that the character and uniqueness of each vineyard site may take center stage.

This Mataro (aka: Mourvedre) is floral & savory, with rich fruit and soft tannins. Forlorn Hope wines are versatile pairing partners, since their acidity and freshness won’t overwhelm flavors.
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We're excited for the 3rd raw/natural/organic wine tasting and fundraiser at and for the 
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Some things to look forward to in addition to sampling the wine:

OBERLIN is bringing the salad and house cured fish. Woot! 

Oysters, and serious BBQ – for carnivores and vegetarians alike – made in a Steel Yard crafted smoker, and courtesy of Ocean State Oyster Festival and The Compost Plant
Danielle Prosciutto. 
Desserts by North Bakery, a sculpture of bread by Seven Stars BakeryPresto Strange O coffee, tea and juice truck, raffle prizes, blacksmithing demos...let's see what else we can think up! 

Guest importers and winery reps will include: 

Jenny Lefcourt 
Matt Mollo of SelectioNaturel
Zev Rovine of 
Zev Rovine Selections 
Chase Granoff of Indie Wineries Adam Wilson of European Cellars Leigh Ranucci of Wine Traditions Ralph Catillo of Montebruno Wine
Niklas Peltzer of Meinklang

Special Daniele Ham-Carving Guest Diego Perez, formerly of Bodega Malasaña, now slinging natural wine at Ten Bells in NYC!


Tickets are $50 in advance, $60 week of and at the door. 

beEr                      BeeR
  bEer                   beer
A case of Lunch from Maine Brewing Co. just came in this morning, with Garden of Grass and The Little Brother, two IPAs from Brewmaster Jack in Northampton. Boulevard Brewing’s Tropical Pale Ale also came in this week, and we got Cranberry Berliner from Jack’s Abby, their lagered take on this old German ale style.
Saturday BeerTasting
3pm - 6pm
Newport Storm will be in the house for Saturday's beer tasting!
A little bit of history, and a little bit of love for Lo-Fi wines.

Four years ago, when Howard and I were still wine sales reps, and I was writing for my very brief and now defunct food & drink website called Rhode Palate, I wrote a little piece called Schlep of a Salesman. I’m thinking about that now because, back then, when we were friendly competitors with similar philosophies on wine, we spent a lot of time trying to sell (and get people to care about) low-intervention, small-production wines. Little did we know that less than a year later we’d own a shop together, and that we would be able to line our shelves with EXACTLY the wines that we care about. And we care about these wines beyond the hype. When we choose these wines, and then when you choose these wines, we’re all supporting the small producer and his or her family, and we're doing our part (however small) to support winemaking traditions that could be lost in a world of industrialized production and mass-consumption. Some of these wines are extremely limited, and their place in the market can be fragile. If they’re not valued by the distributor or the merchant, if they’re treated just as a commodity–or worse–as an accessory, well that only harms the small importer who went off the beaten path to bring this wine to us. And then it hurts the producer, who often toils for pennies. So it’s really important that these wines are understood and thoughtfully represented. The portfolios we support are ones that embody this movement toward real wine, made by real people, without pretense, and with regard for the environment. With all this new(ish) reverence for non-intervention, natural wines, one thing is certain: after being in the wine world for decades (yeah, we’re kind of old!) it’s really heartening to see so many people in Providence embracing these 
lo-fi wines. It sort of makes us miss being in sales; perhaps now the schlep would be a little bit easier!

Cheers! Thank you for shopping at Campus! 
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