Subject: Ever heard of Bouysselet? Neither had we; we'll taste some tonight! Farmer Willie's in the Shop tomorrow; Closed Easter Sunday.

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The beautiful weather has got us a little distracted, so we're still deciding on which wines to taste tonight. Except we do know that we're opening up Château la Colombière "Le Grand B" Bouysselet. Philippe and Diane Cauvin work this family-owned property in Fronton organically (certified), and ferment with wild yeast, and little to no sulfur. We love their Negrette (maybe we'll open that too) which is soft and approachable, with lots of dark fruit and depth. Bouysselet is pretty much on no ones radar. Philippe and Diane were researching the history of winegrowing in their appellation when they stumbled across this grape they didn't even know existed. They found two 200-year old vines on their property, and through Selection Massale and grafting, have slowly turned those two vines into one acre. So this wine is from the only acre of these vines known to exist in the world. That's pretty special. The wine itself is lush and tropical, with beautiful acidity, and a finish that hangs around and makes your mouth water for more food and wine. It's a great pair for seafood and shellfish. Definitely stop in to try some if you can. 

In addition the Colombiere, we got some other new wines from MFW, and Dressner is arriving today, more rosés are rolling we have many delicious choices for tonight's tasting. But we're keeping you in suspense! 

Cheers and see you soon! 
We Will be Closed Easter Sunday. 
It's going to be sunny and 80, enjoy the day! 
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This week two variations of 
Jack's Abby barrel-aged Framinghammer Baltic Porter came in: Cordon Rouge and Mole. A small amount of Against the Grain Everybody Wants Some came in too, as well as Off Color Hyper Predator, their Saison brewed with cold-pressed coffee. Firestone Walker Parabola came and went, but we have their delicious new Fortem imperial IPA in stock. 
Saturday Beer Tasting
This week Farmer Willie's will be here with their refreshing alcoholic ginger beer for our Saturday beer tasting. Cheers!
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A little bit of history, and a little bit of love for Lo-Fi wines.

Four years ago, when Howard and I were still wine sales reps, and I was writing for my very brief and now defunct food & drink website called Rhode Palate, I wrote a little piece called Schlep of a Salesman. I’m thinking about that now because, back then, when we were friendly competitors with similar philosophies on wine, we spent a lot of time singing the praises of low-intervention, small-production wines. Little did we know that less than a year later we and our spouses would own a shop together, and that we would be able to line our shelves with EXACTLY the wines that we care about. And we care about these wines beyond the hype. When we choose these wines, and then when you choose these wines, we’re all supporting the small producer and his or her family, and we're doing our part (however small) to support winemaking traditions that could be lost in a world of industrialized production and mass-consumption. Some of these wines are extremely limited, and their place in the market can be fragile. If they’re not valued, if they’re treated just as a commodity, that only harms the small importer who went off the beaten path to bring this wine to us. And then it hurts the producer, who often toils for pennies. So it’s really important that these wines are understood and thoughtfully represented. The portfolios we support are ones that embody this movement toward real wine, made by real people, without pretense, and with regard for the environment. After being in the wine world for decades (yeah, we’re kind of old!) it’s really heartening to see so many people in Providence embracing these lo-fi wines. It sort of makes us miss being in sales; perhaps now the schlep would be a little bit easier!

Cheers! Thank you for shopping at Campus! 
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