Subject: Timerlay 2.0 Review and Ultimate Bonus Package

timerlay review bonus
Timerlay 2.0 Review Plus *Huge Bonus* Package
So - you've heard the buzz around Timerlay and you're looking to see if it's a fit for you or your looking to get the best deal on this software.

Let me start by introducing myself - my name is Derek Pierce- I'm known for SEO, an affiliate marketer and I also sell my own products, services and coaching...

Anyway, I've used Timerlay from the very beginning and it's made a huge difference to my bottom line - for both selling my own products as well as an affiliate marketer.

If you want to watch the video tutorials I did, you can see them here

Or read on for my review and bonus below.

First - What is Timerlay?

Timerlay is a web based application from Dr. Ben Adkins that will allow you to add scarcity to any offer - you can even add it to websites that you don't own.

Here's the deal - if you're looking to get the couch potato off their butt - pull out their credit card and order your stuff, you've got to increase urgency and nothing increases urgency quiet like having a deadline.

And for that matter - it actually helps your prospect with the decision making process.

Think about it this way...

If you've got all day, every day to actually make a decision - what tends to happen?

We end up in analysis paralysis - overthinking the decision making process, but if you know you've got a deadline by midnight tonight or you completely miss out - 

You're going to force yourself to make the decision...

Take a look at the sample below

Timerlay Works For Both EverGreen
and Timed Deadlines

The cool part about Timerlay is the fact that you can use this application for Evergreen offers as well as actual, timed deadlines.

Let me explain...

An Evergreen deadline is ongoing no matter when the prospect lands on your page - they can hit your offer page today (and see a countdown that you specify) or 6 months from today and see the same countdown timer.

The way it works, is once they land on your page, they're cookied and the time starts at the moment the cookie is placed.

Timed Deadlines on the other hand are when you set an actual date for the offer to end.

You have seen this happen with launches as many will close down or raise the price after 7 Days.

How to Use Timerlay
as an Affiliate Marketer

The benefits of using this as a seller are evident, but many wonder how I've used this as an affiliate marketer to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in affiliate sales.

First, you can use this if you're using SEO to drive traffic, Facebook or even email marketing - it doesn't matter what traffic source - they all work and I've used them all.

For example, one method I've used has been with weekend affiliate promotions to my list.  

If you've been on my list, then you've seen these - where I'll demo a product on video, offer a bonus package  (exactly like what I'm doing here) for a certain amount of time.

I've ranked for products using video, social profiles and the links direct to a page that has Timerlay with my bonus offer.

And if the seller doesn't have a Timer on their sales page, I'll use Timerlay to overlay one so that there's a deadline because I know the conversions increase.

You can see how I've done this on a page I don't even own in the pic below as I used Timerlay on CNN's website 

What's New in Timerlay 2.0?

The new version adds another dimension to being able to create real scarcity.

Timerlay is now the only software that will allow you to sync your deadlines that you create with your email campaigns. 

So, just imagine - your prospect signs up for your Free Gift or Newsletter and they see a timed, special offer - then once you follow up in your email campaigns, the timer is placed in your emails.

If you want to see it in action, I conducted a series of tutorial videos you can watch here.
Timerlay Bonus

And forward your receipt to to get your bonus package


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Timerlay 2.0 Review
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