Subject: Can you gain 5-6 pounds of muscle in 14 days?

Believe me, I can totally understand your
skepticism with those numbers, especially
if you're somebody who struggles to put
on that much muscle even in 6 months...

For me, not only do I THINK it's possible...I KNOW
it's possible...primarily because I've actually done it myself
before on multiple occasions.

It's not easy... you really have to train (and eat!) like you
mean it...

But you are interested in results like these, THIS is the type
of system I've done it with... Anabolic Burst Cycling of
Diet and Exercise (ABCDE).

Here's a short explanation by Dennis Weis, author of
14 Day Muscle Mass, a system based on the ABCDE


This system of acute caloric cycling
(aka-"whiplash" calorie cycling) was developed
at Uppsala University in Sweden by fly-under-
the-radar Dr. Torbjorn (pronounced Tor-b-yorn)
Akerfeldt, a scientist (in endocrinology, physiology,
pharmacology and nutrition) and real-world
bodybuilder, (6' 1", 225 lbs., with 8% body fat).

This system was brought to the attention of bodybuilding
America in1997 independently by Lester S. Maurice
of Matrix Systems and Bill Phillips, founder and editor-
in-chief of Muscle Media 2000.

Bill did an extensive 5-hour interview with Dr.
Akerfeldt, regarding all aspects of the ANABOLIC
BURST (Caloric) CYCLING SYSTEM. Bill then
published a comprehensive 4 part interview titled:
Get Ready to Grow BIG TIME, in Muscle Media
2000 magazine.

The basic premise of the ANABOLIC BURST
(ABCS) suggest
that when calories are increased dramatically (1,500-
2,500 over a daily calorie maintenance level) during
a 14 day window of extreme (anabolic) overfeeding
it stimulates the body's natural production of anabolic
hormones (testosterone, growth hormone, insulin and
IGF1-levels), which leads to accelerated muscle
growth and dramatically increased strength when coupled
with extreme, properly targeted workouts.

At the peak of the anabolic hormonal spike, maximum
muscle cell hydration loading occurs with an intake of
fluids, glycogen and amino acids.

Now here is the interesting part. Dr. Akerfeldt. through
discovery found that a secondary hormonal spike could
be initiated not by another 14 day dose of extreme
(anabolic) overfeeding but rather a very precise continuous
14 days of extreme (anti-catabolic) underfeeding (8-10
calories per pound of bodyweight daily).

Basically, using this strategy, you can expect to gain......


As I mentioned above, I've used this system myself...I
actually trained with it for several years straight and base a lot
of my own programs on that "whiplash" concept. It's worked
GREAT for me and I can absolutely vouch for the effectiveness
of the ABCDE framework.

Here's the exact step-by-step blueprint for making the
ABCDE System work for you...

Nick Nilsson
The "Mad S
cientist of Muscle"

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