Subject: There are TWO *types* of dieters in the world...what type are you?

Why understanding what TYPE of dieter you are is integral to your success....

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"To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom."

That quote is one of my favorites. Socrates has quite a few gems about wisdom, but that one stands out as the most brilliant. I think self-awareness may be one of the most underrated and undervalued traits in the world, and it's one I think we can all do a bit more of. 

This is true in any context, whether it's knowing yourself with regard to your political opinions, your emotional state, or even how you can be successful with your nutrition. 

I know jumping from So-Crates to dieting is a bit of stretch, so let's have a brief segue. 

There is another quote I like, which is attributed to humorist Robert Benchley. In a 1920 interview with Vanity Fair, Benchley said: 

"There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who divide everybody into two kinds of people, and those who don’t."

While lacking somewhat the profundity of the ancient Greeks, that snarky jibe is not without merit, and is equally pertinent to today's message. 

In short, there are certainly more than types of people in the world, I like the idea for it's simplicity, especially with regard to nutrition. Let me explain...

I’ve been working with clients looking to lose fat for about a decade now, and I’ve been on all sides of dieting—either trying to lose fat myself, trying to gain muscle, or trying to help someone else do one of those. 

After all that time spent helping hundreds upon thousands of people with their nutrition, I’ve come to realize that while everyone is different, just about everyone can be sorted into one of two "types" of dieters.

  • FREEDOM Dieters – These people do well with guidelines rather than rules; all you need to do is tell them “eat low carbs” and they’ll have no problem automatically eating more protein, avoiding bread, and getting their fats in. As soon as you try to restrict them and put them on some sort of schedule, or have them count calories or perform carb cycling, they feel trapped. And because they feel trapped, they tend to either screw up or self sabotage. 
  • RULES Dieters – These people (like me) need restrictions. Rules dieters find limitations oddly freeing, because the restrictions create a framework that’s easy to follow. Essentially, rules dieters don’t do well when they’re let off plan, mainly because they are usually emotionally attached to food in some way. Rules Dieters thrive when they are told to measure food (or simply to eat a certain number of meals) but fail if you have them just "wing it." 

As mentioned, I am a Rules Dieter. I crave the security of something well structured: I like to count my calories and macros, have a general plan for meal timing, and typically know what I'm going to eat at least a day in advance. Any time I want to get leaner, I simply use my stats to calculate some new nutrition targets, follow those--and voilà!, I lost fat. Easy game. 

My wife, on the other hand, is a Freedom Dieter. She dislikes tracking her food intake, and instead has a general idea about her portions. If she wants to drop body fat, she just decides to "eat a bit less" and cleans things up--maybe cuts out wine or sweets or something like that. And, like magic, it works. Every. Single. Time. 

Clearly, both methods work. But, they each work best for certain types of individuals. 

The important thing to understand is that you can’t take a guy with a “freedom” personality and make him be a rule dieter. It won’t work. Similarly, you can’t take someone who needs rules and just tell them to make it up as they go along.

For this reason, it is absolutely imperative that you determine what "type" of dieter you are.

Once you do that, your path to success is much simpler. From here, the next step is obvious: simply arm yourself with the tools that will allow you to be successful. 

Rules Dieters are, in my experience, pretty capable of self-selecting. Basically, if you like rules and restrictions, you sort of KNOW that about yourself. It's all very type A. 

For these people, I always suggest something like my online coaching program. All of my clients use strategies that Rules Dieters love: we track macros, plan workouts, all of that stuff. (Freedom Dieters do well in the program, but it requires some tweaking.) 

On the other hand...

Amazing Resource for "Freedom Dieters" 

Freedom Dieters often have a harder time being successful in their fitness endeavors. It's more difficult for a Freedom Dieter to self-identify, in large part because so few diets or resources tend to cater to them. 

While I may love tracking the metrics of nutrition, for a Freedom Dieter, that can drive you crazy. But the fact remains that "calorie-counting" approaches tend to be the standard in the industry. 

And if you're a Freedom Dieter--and again, I'm qualifying this as anyone who doesn't get EXCITED about metrics--forcing yourself to track these things very often leads yo-yo dieting and leads people to worse off than before they started.

You see, for Freedom Dieters, calorie counting, macro counting or point counting programs (whether it be something advanced like IIFYM, or something more like Weight Watchers) often lead to decent short term weight loss...but in so many cases that I've seen...result in yo-yo dieting.

It is for this very reason that why the vast majority of the people who count calories end up failing: they're trying to use a system that runs completely counter to their nature.  

Put as bluntly as possible, most people who fail when they metric-based dietary practices are simply not cut out for it; it's just not how they jive. 

And that is COMPLETELY fine! They just need to realize it. 

So if you hate counting calories but still want to lose weight, here is the solution: 


Which brings me to the whole point of me telling you this.

If I've learned anything over the last 13 years in the industry, fat gain (and stoppage of fat loss) are NOT caused by a lack of “will power” or “being lazy”… or even eating too many calories. They are caused and exacerbated by people using the wrong plans.

That’s why I am so excited to introduce you to the perfect solution for Freedom Dieters--and, in a very real way, the probably solution to the whole mainstream calorie counting dilemma.

This is a resource that basically allows you to lose fat while eating delicious, healthy foods, and without counting points, calories, macros, or anything else. In fact, you can quote me on this and tell people that you were told there would be no math.

Rather than some crazy diet, I'm just hear to tell you about a cookbook. Seriously. Nothing insane. Nothing that's going to force you to change your life to the point where you hate it. Just an incredible book filled with great recipes, written by a wonderful friend of mine. 

Now, of course, it's not just "any" cookbook. It took TWO FULL years to finish and was created by Registered Nurse, female fitness expert and “Kitchen Diva”, Flavia Del Monte.

It’s called Skinnylicious Cookbook and it’s the FIRST and ONLY “No Calorie Counting” Fat-Burning Cookbook with over 150+ Pro-Chef & Allergy-Friendly recipes.

Skinnylicious is a fantastic resource that has helped hundreds of people already, including the author herself. Check out these pics:

On the left Flav was obsessed with calories, miserable, and HATING her body.

On the right Flav has her pre-pregnancy body back, 30lbs lighter, doing HALF the exercise and not counting a single calorie. 

What you need to understand--the real reason this is important--is that Flav is, at her core, a Freedom Dieter, just like many of you. 

And just like many of you, she spent years forcing herself to masquerade as a Rules Dieter. When she was modeling and getting ready for photoshoots, Flavia did what so many of us do: she weighed her food; she counted every gram of protein, measured every carb and calorie and crumb. 

While it worked, it also drove her crazy--because it was something she hated, and something that was incongruous with her general nature. 

These days, Flav has embraced her Freedom Dieter nature. And as you can see from the pictures, she's looking better than ever, and actually HAPPY. Being able to drop the post-baby weight, or just be fit and healthy--all without counting calories--has made things more effective for Flavia...

...and she even lost the weight FASTER. 

(That's what happens when you don't try to fight your nature!)

Skinnylicious is the resource that helped her do that--it's the culmination of that journey of discovery, complete with all of the amazing recipes that she used to get there.

Which is why I'm so excited to tell you about it: if you're a Freedom Dieter, this resource is going to make your life (and your fat loss goals) a thousand times easier. 

And to celebrate the new release of Skinnylicious Cooking, Flavia is having a 50% OFF sale along with some pretty sweet bonuses:

==> Discover Skinnylicious Cooking (a BETTER way to cook for fat loss)

One thing I should mention is that even if you’re NOT interested in a new cookbook (although the quality of this one is head and shoulders above the rest), there is a TON of great info on Flav’s new Skinnylicious site…

… Including the 5 “hidden” reasons you may be getting SCAMMED with other cookbooks:

==> Discover Skinnylicious Cooking (a BETTER way to cook for fat loss)

By the all cookbooks, Skinnylicious Cooking also works if you’re a man.

In fact, my boy Vince (Flavia's husband) used these same recipes to go from 230 pounds to a ripped 210 pounds just over the last few months.*
  • (*Complete non-sequitur, for those interested: did you know that in college, Vince was a DJ? He was. And he went by the name, "DJ Heartthrob Vinny D." I'm not BSing you. That is an actual true story, and it gives me all the happies. Just wanted you to be able to share in that joy with me.)

Aaaanywya. If you’d like to use REAL delicious tasting food that will help you drop weight, but you NEVER want to count a single calorie again…

…then this cookbook will provide the biggest and most immediate improvement on your fat loss and health goals.

==> Discover Skinnylicious Cooking (a BETTER way to cook for fat loss)

Remember, as So-Crates said, to know thyself is the beginning of wisdom. As such, it's up to you to be wise and know whether you are a Freedom Dieter, or Rules Dieter. 

Then again, he also said, "true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." Soooo if you haven't figured it out yet, don't sweat it, we'll get you there. 

It's really this simple: if you crave structure and want to be told exactly what to do, check out my coaching program, and I'll be happy to boss you around. 

If you need more freedom and you're looking for a resource full of over 150 recipes that will allow you to drop fat, get fit, and feed your family wholesome, nutrition food without EVER counting calories, you need to check out Skinnylicious Cooking.

Seriously. If you're a Freedom Dieter, of know someone who has trouble with counting-based diets, this is the resource for them. No joke. Definitely grab it during the 50% off sale

Now, I've gotta go for now, but I'm gonna hit you up later with some of my favorite recipes from the book. 

Meantime, you just keep being awesome, cool? Cool.


PS - if you're a Rules dieter, you can still use the cookbook, obviously. You just have to put in some extra work to count the nutrition information...but that probably makes you happy, since you're like me and you like counting stuff. 

PPS - Anyone who orders today will also learn how to make 3 days worth of food in LESS than an hour.

The bonus was created alongside Professional Chef Amy Stoddart who unpacks her 10 years of culinary skills into a 50-minute step-by-step video.

Now, in a moment of abject, ruthless creativity, they decided to name it, “How to Cook 15 Meals in 50 Minutes” 

I know it's confusing. But you will learn how to cook 15 50 minutes. Yup. Bet you didn't see that one coming. 

All ball-busting aside, it's a good vid. Actually, it's prob the best time saving cooking video I’ve ever seen.

This one bonus will give you back hours of your life so you can do the activities you really enjoy all while feeling great and loving your body.

You cannot find this video anywhere else:

== > Save Time & Learn How To Cook 15 Meals in 50 Minutes 

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