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FacePressSites and WordPress 3.3 admin panel makeover

After receiving a lot of feedback from users or want to be users concerning our FacePressSites web site blog creator we had decided that it needs a lot more instruction and/or to be more intuitive .

This did not seem to be such a big deal - the big deal came when we looked at the upcoming release of WordPress 3.3 (which has now been released) and the way the developers had decided to once again make major changes to the admin panel.

In addition to the admin panel, we were happy to learn that the database and permalinks structures have been made that when using "postname" as the permalink structure no longer dramatically slows down the site.

Since the underlying engine of FacePressSites is WordPress this is a major update that requires the complete restructuring of our FacePressSite product.

Prior to the new release of WordPress 3.3 we have already started restructuring and re-inventing our FacePressSites using a different Domain Name so that our current service remains un-touched until the new version is ready with its many new features, pricing structure (lower cost), and more instructions ...



Beware Piggy Back Downloads Hogging up your PC

I want to alert you to a recent (and not so recent) rash of piggybacking on software you are installing.

One of our readers "Bob" wrote:

"I got the Adobe update but almost installed Google bar by mistake.

I hate it when those items are checked on by default. I know it was not your issue but on Adobe site. Keep up the good work!"

I could not have said it better myself.

Just be careful when you install downloads or you'll end up downloading something you did not personally select nor want.


Beware Criminals are using Facebook to steal data

"A new worm spreading on Facebook is aiming to infect users with the data-stealing Trojan Zeus, security researchers have warned.

The worm uses stolen Facebook account details to log in to users' accounts and spam their contacts, according to researchers at Danish security firm CSIS, which first identified the threat..."

Source: SC Magazine


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Its a New Year 2012 Giveaway

Its a New Year 2012 Giveaway - Your Host AECNU
Launches on: 12/31/2011
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Seasons Greetings Giveaway

Seasons Greetings Giveaway - Your Host Jenna Drew & David Railey
Launches on: 12/23/2011
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Boycott the TSA's dangerous scanners immediately

Tax Insanity: What the Idiots in the US Gov are considering now

You can help stop CONgressional Corrupt Insider Trading

From Dr. David Eifrig in Retirement Millionaire:

The backlash against the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) over body scanners continues. Many readers know I refuse to go through the new airport scanners. The radiation from these scanners increases your risk of cancer... and does little to protect us from anything. Instead, I opt for a pat down.

Now, the European Union (EU) has banned the use of these scanners in its airports. The EU said it will not "risk jeopardizing citizens' health and safety." Amid calls to prove the scanners are safe, the TSA announced it would complete a study. But earlier this month, the study was delayed. According to the TSA, a report from the Inspector General may make an independent study of the scanners unnecessary if they're declared safe. Nonsense.

Several studies have already confirmed the radiation emitted from the scanners will cause a small number of cancer cases. But those estimates were done while the maker was trying to get approval in only a few airports. But now, millions of people going through these things... meaning larger numbers of cancer diagnoses down the road...

And the TSA's refusal to prove the scanners are safe confirms my bet. It can't show them to be safe because they aren't. So the next time you're traveling, do what I do and refuse the scan... opt out of the government's cancer machines.
From Bruce Krasting:

We have a week left to resolve the issue of extending the 2% break on Social Security taxes (FICA&SECA). I still think there will be a last minute fix on this; it’s too important. Without this tax break the economy will hit a wall next year. Whatever your thoughts are today about the prospects for a recession in the next 12 months, you’ll have to revise the odds way up if congress fails to get a deal. It’s a measure of just how economically vulnerable we are that 2012 is make-or-break as a consequence of how this plays out.

The latest insanity on this topic comes from the WSJ today.

The deep thinkers in D.C. are trying to offset the cost of the one-year 2% reduction ($115B) in payroll taxes by levying an incremental cost onto Fannie and Freddie and therefore those with mortgages. This is the worst kind of whack-a-mole thinking. There is not an economist worth his salt that does not recognize that housing/mortgage costs are central to any long-term recovery for the economy. The knuckleheads in Washington want to add $38billion a year (for the next decade) onto mortgage borrowing costs. I’m sorry, but they’re idiots for even proposing something dumb like this.

My proposal is simple. Make corporate America pay for...

From Peter Brandt:

A note to other bloggers or web sites — feel free to copy/paste and run this post below without giving me credit. My desire is to end this abuse, not generate web traffic for myself. Help put the word out to your readers.

Enough is enough. Congress is out of control. The very idea that members of Congress have abused their power by allowing themselves insider trading activites based on information they receive as part of their job is sickening. It is time to end this abuse. Give your members of Congress a deadline of Christmas to vote up or down on ending this abusive privledge.

Here is what you can do:

1. Call the Chairmen of the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee and House Financial Services Committee.

 Tell them that you demand an immediate up or down recorded vote by the full Congress on the STOCK Act (Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge). These Committees are scheduled to vote on STOCK on Wednesday, December 14. [Note: it is always more effective to call members of Congress at their home office because their DC staff is trained to blow you off.] Remember to be polite when you call.

  • Call the House...



How Money Works and the way the Private Central Bank Cartels and Banksters Steal YOUR Real Assets with Paper and Ink Simplified

by Joseph Anderson

"All the perplexities, confusion and distresses in America arise not from defects in the constitution or confederation, nor from want of honor or virtue, as much from downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit, and circulation." - John Adams 23 August 1787


The above quote by John Adams in a letter to Thomas Jefferson was quite prescient, as it not only summed up the then current state of monetary affairs, but it is also applicable to the monetary problems globally in today’s modern world over 200 years later.

Very few people really understand how money works and the crooks take over the world with their monopoly money that they virtually print out of thin air and then use it to control the masses.

Obviously Occupy Wall Street and the rest of them have it totally wrong about why things are the way they are and barking up the wrong tree - they should be chasing the Federal Reserve for counterfeiting and Congress for not prosecuting them to date as authorized in the US Constitution:

Article I, Section 8, Clause 6. The Congress shall have Power…To provide for the Punishment of counterfeiting the Securities and current Coin of the United States.

It is not some brilliant scheme or complicated formula - it is a very simple and logical way of holding people and their assets hostage using paper and ink.

Until this is stopped there will always be cycles of financial crisis and a never ending downward trend for those below the top of the Ponzi to include the theft and pilfering of the worlds assets.

Every SOVEREIGN Government has the ability to print its own money without debt or interest - but most if not all have ignorantly (to say the least and certainly Treason in most cases) given that privilege to a private cartel not part of the Government called the Central Bank for their country, region, etc.

The Central Bank turns around and over time takes over the Government, the peoples assets, and the country using "Monopoly Money" they printed out of thin air using interest and debt with the monopoly money being backed by nothing and the interest and debt being backed by REAL Assets of the borrower.

This is how it works so simple and so evil .....

First the "Central Bank" sets an interest rate for the printed monopoly money - lets say for the simplicity of this example the rate is 10%

The interest rate itself is irrelevant because as long as there is any interest rate at all the Ponzi scheme works for the takeover of Governments and all assets by the Banks Monopoly Money. However, the higher the rate the faster the takeover and the faster the Ponzi scheme works.

Now to the example:

First for our example we will have three "Borrowers" of the monopoly money directly from the Central Bank Cartel .....

1 - US Government, 2 - John Smith Bank, and 3 - John Q. Public whom each borrow $100 of monopoly money directly from the Central Bank at 10% Interest Rate.

The Central Bank prints up $300 and distributes it to all 3 entities mentioned above and the total interest due from the $300 loan is $30 - $10 for each of the three entities mentioned above.

Now lets says that the US Government wants to pay back its loan in full - which would be $110 including interest.

For the US Government to pay back its loan it will have to take money from either John Smith Bank or John Q. Public because the interest was never printed.

So the US Government takes from John Smith Bank and John Q. Public $5 each in income tax so it can pay off its debt to the Central Bank - now both John Smith Bank and John Q. Public only have $95 each and neither of them can pay off their loans and the Central Bank comes in owning their REAL assets that backed the loan - with a Five dollar discount :-)

It is simple and when you multiply this times the interest Banks charge on Credit Cards etc. you can see how the whole Ponzi quickly grows by the Central Bank Printing the Monopoly Money backed by nothing and gets the assets of all within time except those collecting interest - not paying interest.

This is the root of why Governments, Countries, and People go into financial crisis around the world and until this is abolished the cycle will go on and on transferring the REAL asset wealth of those borrowing entities to the owners of the Central Banks and in time they will consume it all.

Until this entire type of Central Banking System is completely dissolved and/or monopoly money is printed and given without interest and debt - Governments and People of the world will forever be the slaves of the Central Banking Cartel forever, becoming their slaves and all assets lost ..... it is now just a simple matter of time.

The founding fathers of the United States knew this and therefore thinking they would protect the new found country from these scoundrels forever - wrote into the US Constitution:

Article I, Section 8, Clause 5: The Congress shall have Power…To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures.

Article I, Section 10, Clause 1: No State shall…coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make anything but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debt.

Who in their right mind would give up this privilege of being able to produce their own money to someone else? - NOBODY

and furthermore who would give up that privilege to someone else and let that someone else charge them interest for the privilege? - NOBODY - The Treasonous oath of office breaking US Congress & President have done exactly the above to include obviously many more treasonous things - have yet to be held accountable and prosecuted as they should be, though the original crafters of this debacle have long passed on.

However, almost all those that followed in both the US Government and US Judicial system have never made an effort to end the Ponzi Scheme and those whom have not tried to put an end to this hell are therefore complicit in the racket, enforcing the racket, and are guilty of Treason by way of oaths of office and not destroying the illegal, unconstitutional, domestic enemy known as the US Federal Reserve .....

  News Busted

Eurozone Opts for Economic Suicide

  Eurozone Opts for Economic Suicide

Hypocrisy of Gov's Germany & France
  Godrey Bloom

Greece must now fight to get Democracy Back

  Nigel Farage


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