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Results of our Poll

In our recent poll asking our subscribers if we should keep the political news in our newsletter or not - the results are in and to our surprise .....

By a clear, unlike Global Warming, overwhelming margin of 6 to 1 in FAVOR of keeping the political news!

There were many whom wrote in whom said that they were for keeping the political news though they believe they are in the minority.

Well folks you are NOT alone and it was a super majority that voted to keep it.

We are extremely happy to see so many interested in the political news and realize contrary to the crap the MSM are constantly trying to feed us.



We were Hacked!


We are sorry for the edition delay in our newsletter ..... this past week we had three of our web sites hacked by some Turkish Hackers that we traced directly to Turkey.


Considering that we have over 140+ web sites, three is not too bad but took time to trace the hackers and address the problem.


The three sites that were hacked and had there front page defaced with all kinds of anti-American garbage all had one thing in common, they were running the CMS Software Memberspeed or formally known as CMS Infusion.


Therefore if any of your web sites are running this software, be sure to keep a careful eye out on your index page.



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Launches on:     12/21/2009
Closing Doors:   01/04/2010


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Launches on:     12/22/2009
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Launches on:     12/15/2009
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SUPER Tax OUTRAGE: US Government salaries exploding

In what other industry can you be totally incompetent, steal from your constituents, and give yourself a pay raise? Where else but Government of course!

Where is your tax money going besides sport wars, bank bailouts, the 36 million people on food stamps, cash for clunkers, Goldman Sach's bonus pool, Nancy Pelosi's flowers, and the deadbeat moochers who always vote for panderers like OBAMA!?

To the folks who work for the Federal government, that's where!

This article details how Federal employees making salaries over $100,000 jumped from 14% to 19% of civil servants during the recession… before overtime pay and bonuses are thrown in. The Defense Department enjoyed a particularly huge increase in the number of big salaries handed out.

It's boom times for the US Government at the expense of course of its citizens.

For more info and facts See USA Today Online

No wonder they need to tax us when we die too, see In the US you are taxed to Death and then Taxed after it too article below.




In the US you are taxed to Death and then Taxed after it too

AARP - the Hypocrite Organization for Seniors

United Police States of America - what can we steal from you today?

The House of so called Representatives passed a measure on Thursday that would extend the death tax indefinitely. Whether or not the Senate votes on the issue, and when, could mean very different things for this unpopular tax.

I do not know whom they pretend to represent, but I am sure that most Americans like myself think this is going way too far and totally out of line especially since the estate has been taxed already meaning this is tax on tax.

These money hungry Representatives are truly morbid and disgusting .....








According to its own financial statements last year, the AARP took in $773 million in ads and royalties from private insurance companies. This doesn’t sound like some sort of grass roots group of old people doing good for the retired person.

AARP is one big lie. I used to assume the American Association of Retired Persons was looking out for the interests of... well... retired people. But it's not. For example in the healthcare debate they are supporting cuts in Medicare… to the tune of $460 billion. And the reason is simple; they collect royalties on the so-called “gap” insurance-the private insurance that Medicare doesn’t cover. The less Medicare, the more private insurance, and thus the more AARP makes. But not you.






We are quickly approaching the season of giving, as it is often put, so it’s well worth considering the uncomfortable truth that, for some people, it’s always the season of taking.

But by takers I mean folks who take without asking, who take without ever being offered anything. These people are dangerous.

And they appear to be growing in numbers.

They are in Wayne County, Michigan, anyway.

And they aren’t the criminals. They are the police. According to a report in The Detroit News, Wayne County’s “Sheriff’s Office, which helps run the prosecutor’s forfeiture unit, took in $8.69 million from civil seizures in 2007, more than four times the amount collected in 2001. The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office gets up to 27 percent of that money.”







News Busted (Humor)


News Busted (Humor)


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