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Merry Christmas Giveaway Event Payouts today or tomorrow


We anticipate making mass payouts today or tomorrow as soon as one transaction posts to our account :-)


We apologize for the delay.


The largest reason for the delay is due to the loss early this month of Eva to a Law Firm and Villy to an undisclosed firm both at the same time - leaving Peter and I holding the bag to deal with end of year accounting (2010) and everything else.


We do plan on replacing at least one of the girls this spring and to hire and an additional designer to our European team.


Now that we pretty much have everything under control though a bigger work load at present - via coordinating the US Team with the European Team we should have things back to business as usual by the end of January :-)





Mass Money Makers - Great Program so far


This is not a pitch for the Mass Money Makers program nor will you find an affiliate link or link to them.


However, the reason we are writing about them today is that though we have not yet finished the course ourselves - we did find fantastic information, techniques, and concepts about how to rank on Google and Keyword research.


In addition we are excited about trying their software they created that goes along with the course.


What we did not appreciate about the course was their pitching and referral link, or rather more accurately described as a referral domain, to what is supposed to be a great hosting deal but what is in reality a pretty expensive deal in our opinion.


First if you listen to them carefully, you will find that one of them discloses the fact that they lost a whole money making domain because they forgot to pay the bill for hosting and using this to try to convince folks to pay for a year in advance.


That is because this individual telling about it let the host register the domain for them for an alleged big savings ..... you know the Free Domain Registration deal that many hosts offer?


Well usually when that happens the host then registers the domain - but registers it in their name. So rather then just simply renewing the hosting or pointing the domain's name servers to a different host and re-uploading the site - the Host Registers the domain in THEIR name and now has total control thereof.


That is why this guy lost his domain name and his site, because the Host owned the rights to the domain name because they "Registered it for him"


Sounds like a GREAT deal to me ..... NOT


Then they go on to show that there is a one time setup fee of $ 20 and just $7+ a month ..... less of course if you pay the year in advance and then claim that it is a great deal for $75 a year to host the domain. This is another absolute NOT.


We ourselves offer Domain Hosting/Web Site Hosting at $3.00 a month with a 10 Day Free Trial, no setup fee, and we offer Domain Names like .com's for just $10 per year and YOU are the registrant which means YOU control the domain name regardless of the Host.


Lets see now ..... $10 a year for the domain name plus $36 for a years hosting - that comes to $46 a year - almost half of what they claim is a great deal.


They should clearly stick to marketing and coaching and stay out of the hosting business ..... lol


Other then this with the Domain Name and Hosting ..... for the parts we have had the opportunity to study - the info has been great!





Hosts claiming Unlimited Space Unlimited Bandwidth - Bullshit!


How many of you remember and possibly suckered into the deal offered just a few short years ago with Xavier Nelson and others claiming Hosting for Life - if I remember correctly just a one time payment of $200 with oodles of space and bandwidth?


How many of you also remember that it ended with the onset of the so called financial crisis and to the best of our knowledge Xavier Nelson disappeared off the face of the planet with the cash and the hosting?


For those in the know this was clearly a rip off pyramiding scheme. There are recurring costs with hosting from electricity for the servers and bandwidth is not free either - it was doomed to come crashing down from the beginning.


Now to the Unlimited Space and Unlimited Bandwidth Hosting people - it is like the same as mentioned above concerning the "Lifetime Hosting" - There are recurring costs involved but also limited resources.


Proof - If anyone out there knows where we can host 3 Terabytes for $10 a month with accompanying bandwidth please contact us immediately .....


If this is true we will post it here and include a non affiliate link!


I can assure you we are not holding our breath because we know it is just another lie and rhetoric which is so commonplace anymore .....




Contact us by email or :





+ 814-746-4816

Sofia BG:


Be My Valentine Giveaway - Hosted by AECNU
Launches on: 01/31/2011
Closing Doors: 02/28/2011


IM Newbies Giveaway Event - Hosted by David Railey
Launches on: 01/21/2011
Closing Doors: 01/29/2011


Best Blogging Giveaway - Hosted by David Railey
Launches on: 02/07/2011
Closing Doors: 02/15/2011


Valentines Giveaway - Hosted by Hans Castiglioni
Launches on: 02/07/2011
Closing Doors: 02/21/2011

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European Union and Soviet Union are one of the same - Nigel Farage

European Commission Meddles with Auditing of its own accounts

The EU Debt Union - Nigel Farage

Mr Orbán, welcome.

After the six-month farce of the Belgian presidency it's nice to see an elected prime minister from a proper country.

And how I enjoyed your denouncement of communism as a dangerous ideology, and I noted the pride that you took in the fact that Hungary were the first country to take up arms against the Soviet Union.

Well 20 years after you won back your ability to govern yourselves democratically you are now part of a new European Union that increasingly shows similarities with that old Soviet Union. In fact you're going to meet lots of communists over the next six months, including the boss of the Commission here, old Barroso, who was an advocate of Chairman Mao.

You will see centralized economic planning and control. And above all what you'll see is a desire to impose a political union upon the peoples of Europe without their consent.

Wake up, Mr Orbán, look at how they tried to bully you this morning; they try to tell you how to run your own country. Tell them where to go. Stand up and fight for democracy once again .....
Marta Andreasen points out the fact that the European Commission interferes with the audit of its own accounts and asks Mr. Barroso a question relative to having an audit done by a third party independent auditing firm.

Of course typical of politicians and Mr Barroso he offers nothing but bullshit and double talk skirting the main question concerning auditing the EU Commissions accounts by a third party.

Marta Andreasen comes back with basically in so many words - your full of crap Barroso and I do not accept your garbage double talk and I do not believe you.

For the exact situation and statements please see video below .....





What is the most commonly used word in association with the euro? No, it's not 'failure', though it could be. It's 'stability' isn't it?

A decade ago everybody said, 'once we've got the euro currency it will bring us stability. Well I would suggest, a decade on, that what it has brought is chaos, discord and misery for millions.

And yet the word 'stability'! Still being used - this morning Mr Barroso used it, Mr van Rompuy used it - 'stability' - in fact we're patting ourselves on the back that the bond auctions in Portugal went well last week.

Well the reality is, it was the European Central Bank actually using European taxpayers' money to buy their own debt.

Your reassurances that all is well don't work. Who do you think you're kidding Mr van Rompuy? Bond yields in Portugal rose to nearly 7 % yesterday. The public, right across the Union, no longer support the currency; and the battle for Spain hasn't even begun.
The model itself is failing and yet what you want is to double the size of the bailout fund. You even want to increase the scope of the bailout fund so that along with the ECB you too can go on buying yet more of your own debt.

You're using the crisis as a massive power grab to take us towards fiscal union. If you succeed, then you should change the name. Get rid of 'European Union', call it the 'Debt Union'. And if you do succeed you will trap those southern countries inside an economic prison for which the suffering of people will be untold, and the North will find itself paying for ever a massive bill and interest rates that are far too high for their own economies.

We've reached a point with this where actually it doesn't matter what any of you say. Nobody believes you. The public don't support you. I hope and pray the markets break you .....




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