Subject: United States Financing Corrupt Greedy European Governments with Taxpayer Dollars


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  The following article is an opinion of global reality through one mans eyes and though normally we do not publish this type of content - we are making a special exception due to the fact that now the stolen money called taxes and debt taken from the American People are now financing our terrorists - or commonly known as the individual European Governments and the EU .....



United States Financing Corrupt Greedy European Governments with Taxpayer Dollars


Regardless of the Political persuasion of the US Government, it is obvious they intend to make the US just another poor country among many using their current wealth and military might to spread the change Globally .....


To me and my short lived history it seems it started with NAFTA though certainly it started long before, when after its passage most industries packed up and moved out of the country like their assess were on fire taking production, industry, and jobs with them.


In my home city in the year 2001 there were industries there like Hammermill (paper producer), Modern Tool (machine shop my Grandfather worked in for forty years), Copes Vulcan and many many others.


In the summer of 2001 I moved for a short while out west to become CEO of a large Internet Company and my mission was to change the company from losing $250,000 a year to profitable.


In eight months my mission had been accomplished and I left California and moved to Arizona re-pursuing my own successful company and going back to the lifestyle of freedom and liberty I had given up for a short time working for someone else.


I finally returned to my home city in the fall of 2003 - it had changed forever - every single industry I mentioned earlier was gone and it seemed that every other house on every block was for sale.


After enduring the winter and quickly observing that my home city had gone from an industrial city of factories and producers to a service city of Taco Bells, Merry Maids, Janitors, and an oppressive Government of high taxes - due to the city no longer received money from industry - Being a Single Father at the time of a three year old I said enough of this crap and moved my son and myself to relatively secluded part of Europe taking my job and money with me.


We lived well ..... for awhile .....


When I got here in Europe in the summer of 2004, for the equivalent of $12 and 12 cents I could buy a carton of cigarettes, two 2.5 liters of Coke, and a bottle of wine.


Things remained stable and relatively cheap until the country I moved to and still live in to this day went into the EU in 2007 - then everything changed as the greed and corruption of Government grew like the monster parasite that it is and was becoming similar to the world I left behind.


Our economy was GREAT until joining the EU and the markets were full of vendors and products ..... now it suffers the ravages of an idiotic Government locally and the all power hungry controlling Government of Brussels - our market has less then 25% of the vendors and shops it had before EU entry, and businesses are going bankrupt daily.


Kind of sounds like what happened to Greece, Spain, Italy, and Portugal after joining the EU doesn't it?


The local Government in its infinite wisdom says joining the EU would be a good thing - when in reality in their infinite stupidity it has been nothing short of devastating with high unemployment, high inflation, and a money hungry parasite government that was formally seemed limited to the west.


Now a carton of cigarettes alone is $28 and the cost of my health care plan has gone from $6 to $30.66 - with the cost of Government dramatically increasing to include amounts sent to Brussels for services and things we never see nor benefit - except for Brussels attempt to dictate our lives from afar and control our economy pilfering every drop they can get from it (sounds familiar ..... could it be Satan - er I mean Washington DC?).


This is the type of devastation and political hypocrisy and Constitutional Treason that I did not want my son to grow up in and I left it - selling everything I own and leave the United Police States of America - a monster parasite Government, wild inflation, and encroachment on individual freedoms and liberties by an Un-Constitutional Police State (thank you Un-Patriot Act) which is now obviously trying to form here largely financed by the corrupt parasitic Government of the USA (see article below).


What really burns me is that they are taking away from my beloved fellow Americans, their economy, their money and jobs to prop up the same kind of cronyism and corruption that I thought I left so far behind but not so long ago - and in the end it seems we will all be poor on both sides of the ocean with socialist tyrannical Governments financed by the very suckers they dictate and dominate with us all subject and victims of their personal whims and ideas.


Here more then once in history and doomed to be repeated the people have violently ousted the Tyrannical Government and replaced them with the servant Government that should be. The last time was in 1996-1997 when they burned the Presidential Palace and the Parliament to the ground replacing the corrupt bastards and putting the members of the Government in the servant status once again.


Now we are fighting and protesting once again to stop the tyranny from growing here ..... but now the tyranny and corrupt growing Government is being financed by the West at the shame and expense of their own people - which most of them are unknowing slaves ...... that is the purpose of this article so that some of the sheeple in the US will be informed of the truth and hopefully sure to take appropriate action this coming November ......


Governments are all parasites that must be strictly controlled by the people or they turn into tyrannical greedy dictators that eventually kill the host by growing out of control and sucking every drop of life from the host.


May God have mercy on our souls and may Constitutional Governments by the People, of the People, and for the People become the reigning future of all ......


May the current corrupt parasite Governments fall and the criminals that they are compromised of be prosecuted for their crimes against the citizens of the world and their prosecutions be examples for the future wanna be Fuhrers - with the least amount of suffrage to the Citizens of the World.






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No Shit Dick Tracy: Bailouts will not end Global crisis

US Government & Fed Financial Treason Continues at Taxpayer Expense

Dr Doom Roubini: Euro Debt Crisis WILL spread to US

From Money News:

The only way for the world to say goodbye to the credit crisis is for governments to lower their debt levels, says New York University Professor and author Nassim Taleb.

“The crisis came from debt and you don’t escape it with more debt,” Taleb says.

“We’re in a situation where we had a patient who we discovered had cancer a year and a half ago and all we’ve been giving the patient is..."


The insanity of the US Government and US Federal Reserve continues with their bailout of Europe and even going as far as opening a Credit Line to Europe - with what money? - YOUR Money.

For those of you whom do not know, the Government does not have any money - they produce nothing - but the parasites get money some times at gun point through taxes and debt adorned on us.

 and now they give it to Europe?

This is another No Shit Dick Tracy moment. What do you mean that it will spread to the US? It already has! See previous article.

What the US really needs is a precedent of political revolution throwing all these bastards out and shutting down the Fed permanently and completely after an audit so the criminals can be prosecuted.

The US is in a crisis of its own and instead of lowering Government Debt to get us out - they want to loan your dollars to Europe!





Government Insanity:
Thanks to the Fed,
you own the Red Roof Inn

The Fed was getting crammed down last week on Red Roof Inn foreclosures, little did we know that Alan Grayson was going to take the material and make pure comedic poetry out of it.

One more reason to applaud the brilliance of our corrupt and moronic Senators for preventing the much needed and long-overdue audit of the Fed .....


Notice at the end of Senator Grayson's presentation that the person whom yeilded his time for Senator Grayson says and we quote "that the Gentleman's presentation is not part of the Progressive hour, I thought we were going to talk about financial reform" - What do you mean dude? Are you an idiot? Auditing the Fed is one of the most important steps to Financial Reform for America and to stop the financial rape of the Taxpayers!

News Busted (Humor)


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