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.US and .INFO Domain Name Sale


We currently having an ICANN authorized sale on .US Domain Names for just $3.99 year and we are still offering .INFO Domain Names for just $2.99 for first year.


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Bob writes in about Giveaway Gift Duplicates .....


Food for thought.

In A World Where Everything Looks The Same.

I have noticed as of late, that there are several giveaway events running where the site is literally packed full of duplicate products.

One can't help but wonder why the admins of these events would allow them to run like this, since nothing will drive a signup away faster than cookie cutter housing.

This can do nothing of value for the giveaway event market except to show that there is a need for responsible

Fix it or nix it




Bob your damb straight right on this one.


We ourselves have been having a serious problem dealing with the amount of duplicates being submitted and one way we are dealing with it now is that only one person is approving gifts rather then the previous three.


Many of these events are set to auto approve the gift ..... which we do not partake.


It is almost as if they do not have any original thought out there - submitting the same as everyone else without creating any original thought or product of their own .....




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+ 814-746-4816

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Its A New Year 2011 Giveaway - Hosted by AECNU

Launches on: 12/31/2010
Closing Doors: 01/31/2011


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A Truthful analysis about the Obama Health Care Plan and the sad state of the US Government

Illegal bailouts and treaty change lead to referendums- Nigel Farage :-)


Let me get this straight about America .....

The people are going to be "gifted" with a health care plan they are forced to purchase and fined if they don't.

Which purportedly covers at least 30 million more people without adding a single new doctor, but provides for 16,000 new IRS agents.

Written by a committee whose chairman says he doesn't understand it.


Passed by a Congress that didn't read it but exempted themselves from it, and signed by a President who smokes.

Funding is to be administered by a treasury chief who didn't pay his taxes.


Which Americans will be taxed for four years before any benefits take effect, by a Government which has already bankrupted Social Security and Medicare.

All to be overseen by a Surgeon General who is obese, and financed by a country that's more then broke!

What the hell could possibly go wrong?!?!?

2010 will be remembered as the year when the deep flaws of the euro were exposed and when the public woke up to the sheer stupidity of their leaders.

(will America ever wake up to the sheer stupidity of their leaders)

And so here we have another summit, another crisis, confidence in the euro ebbing by the week - it's like watching a slow-motion car crash.

And now you want a permanent bailout mechanism. You think that if you have a fund of, say, a billion euros, all will be well.

Well, it won't be well. The failure of the euro is nothing to do with speculation. It's nothing to do with the markets, be they currency or bonds. It's because the north and the south in Europe cannot today or at any point be put together in a single monetary union - it won't work.

And politically, of course, you have to change the treaty. The reason being that the four German professors will win at Karlsruhe [German Constitutional court] and prove that the bailouts you put in place already were in fact illegal under the treaties.

Well in many ways I welcome this treaty change. Because it will mean that there has to be a referendum in Ireland, and you never know, David Cameron might even keep his promise and hold a referendum in the United Kingdom. And I'm sure as democrats you would all welcome a referendum on the EU in the United Kingdom.

We could also reflect, at the end of 2010, not just on the state of the Union, but on the state of Belgium. For six months, the Belgian presidency in office have sat here telling us we must integrate more deeply.

What a farce this is. You haven't had a government in your own country since June. Here we have a non-nation trying to abolish our nation - it truly is an absolute farce. But nobody here dares to admit it, because you are all in denial.

Belgium is a microcosm from the entire European Union. Belgium is about to fall to bits and the rest will follow.

Happy Christmas everybody.




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