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In the past two months and a review thereof, we at AECNU put out several great products, and one not so great ..... lol ..... it happens :-)


Below is a recap of those products with the price of each of them as well demonstrating the great products and value we bring to the IM world :-)

Cloaker Tracker Pro - $18

Valentines Day Mini Site Package with MRR - $5

Brave WordPress Plugin With Super Sales Theme - $7

Graphics With Impact 2009 - $14

29 Internet Business Building Products - $10

190 MiniSite Templates - $10

Easy ECover Creator Templates - $10

Easy ECover Creator Software - $17


Big Traffic Hits

Success of your web site depends on traffic.

No traffic, no sales nor interest in what you are doing, and no list building :-(

Not advertising is similar to blinking in the dark ..... only you know what you are doing.

A recent acquaintance of mine and like minded - James Boulay - introduced me to a free traffic exchange membership site he runs called Big Traffic Hits.

If you could use traffic, it is in your interest to see what Big Traffic Hits is all about, get an account, and start generating traffic to your web site or offer(s) right away :-)

Big Traffic Hits

James says on his page that he is a real proud owner Big Traffic Hits. After we signed up, logged in, and checked everything out, we understand why he is so proud ..... Big Traffic Hits



Hesk Help Desk Software - Free & works great!


We have tested many help desk software's in the last couple of years and have always found something wrong or missing that we desired.


We have now been using and testing this (Hesk) software/script for almost two months now on our production servers right through the rollover of the new year and it has worked flawlessly.


So here is your opportunity to get a great piece of software and serve your customers better with the FREE Hesk Help Desk Software.


No Optin, No Affiliate Link, just plain out good stuff for our subscribers!


Hesk Help Desk Software




Contact us by email or :





+ 814-746-4816

Sofia BG:


Saint Patrick's Day Giveaway - Hosted by AECNU - $200 Referral Contest

Launches on:     02/28/2010
Closing Doors:   03/31/2010


Valentine Giveaway - with Hans W.Castiglioni

Launches on:     02/06/2010
Closing Doors:   02/20/2010


JV Talent Valentine Giveaway - with Paul Teague

Launches on:     02/13/2010
Closing Doors:   02/21/2010


Traffic Tsunami Gifts Giveaway - with Brad Smith & Keith Choy

Launches on:     02/15/2010
Closing Doors:   02/22/2010



Ron Paul

State of the Republic Address Part 1 of 3


State of the Republic Address Part 2 of 3


State of the Republic Address Part 3 of 3





Meta Descriptions now affect Google Rankings

Warning: Your cell phone may be hazardous to your health

The FTC Needs to Please Shut Up!

Yes it is another algorithm change by Google

Meta descriptions (the text snippets of the webpage you see in search results) used to be an important ranking factor. Until not too long ago both Google and Yahoo! officially announced they no longer used Meta-descriptions in their search algorithms. But recent developments in Google's search algo bring Meta description back to life as a ranking factor.

No, Google did not back out of their decision to discount Meta descriptions as a ranking factor. However your site's search snippet can now significantly affect your rankings.

Here's the deal .....





Express concern in America about cell phones causing cancer, and you’re lumped in with the “I was abducted by aliens” crowd and handed a tin foil hat. Most people just can’t believe cell phone makers and the government would let something like that happen to the public.

A recent GQ article covers why this could be a deadly way to look at things. The article is a longer read than we usually pass around, but it’s well worth the reading time.

As you’ll see, any research that links cell phones to increased cancer rates is suppressed in the U.S., which reeks of the suppression tactics once used in tobacco, DDT, asbestos, and Agent Orange research.

Even if there’s no real danger here, this article shines light on things you probably didn’t know about cell phones.


Not claiming that the FTC should NOT prosecute obvious fraud, where consumers are clearly being scammed - such as not delivering a product as promised or the mass distribution of unsafe toys.

That being said, the FTC's guidelines and civil actions are quickly crossing the border of infringing not only on our ability to do business, but our First Amendment Rights to Free Speech.

The Right to express one's self and opinions, whether it is political or business related is an inherent part of our society and the foundations of our business community. The courts have ruled that advertising is a form of free speech, which cannot be infringed upon anymore than any other opinion, written or spoken.

For the full article click more below .....






News Busted (Humor)


Barney Frank 2005 - There is no Housing Bubble (Tragic Humor)


The very same supposed "authority" on the housing crisis wants to go ahead and abolish Fannie and Freddie entirely. Just what made this person, who completely ignored the housing bubble as it approached its peak, a voice on what should or should not happen to the GSEs? Will the good voters of Massachusetts, who recently decided to take the fate of the country into their own hands, please finally eliminate this persistent threat to the stability of the U.S. economy that are Mr. Frank's irresponsible, irrelevant, unjustified and clueless opinions. Click here for complete article

Pork Report February 1st
Wine and Dine Edition

by The Pork Report

Senators vote against eliminating government waste and duplication, including reducing Congress’ budget for itself, while proclaiming “the United States is prepared to stand up and deal with this debt threat”

Taxpayers billed $1,000 per week for booze and other “in-flight services” for the Speaker of the House that “read like a dream order for a wild frat party”

Hundreds of convicted criminals may have been hired by the U.S. Census Bureau

California wine trail will be getting signs, a new map and an iPhone application thanks to a $98,500 federal stimulus grant given to the Monterey County Growers and Vintners Association

Federal stimulus funds supporting Napa Valley Wine Train, despite local opposition

The federal government “likely overspent by millions” when it negotiated a no bid contract for the $54 million Wine Train stimulus project

The pork bell curve: Boston College has more than doubled what it spends on lobbying and, according to the college’s spokesman, “our earmarks have increased since we started paying [the lobbyists] more.”

The Wine Institute receives $7 million grant to promote wine in foreign countries; Raisin Administrative Committee receives $3 million and the California Walnut Commission pulls in $4.5 million

Bad publicity leads martini & wine bar to withdraw from contract for $25,000 in federal Community Development Block Grant Recovery stimulus funding

A year after the city claimed it needed a billion dollars from the federal government for subway safety upgrades, the District of Columbia spends federal stimulus funds intended for transportation projects to replace garage escalators



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