Subject: Time Warner's Internet Access Rip Off, Widescreen LCD HDTV Just $259.95*, and much more!


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1) Time Warner's Internet Rip Off

2) Vizio 22" Widescreen LCD HDTV Just $259.95*

3) Domain Name Sale!

4) A Trillion Dollars

5) Private Label Products to include software FR/EE

6) Giveaway Events Seeking Contributors


Time Warner's Internet Rip Off

We here at AECNU Internet have reported on this issue in the past and now it is finally hitting some of the Main Stream Media - those not controlled by or under the thumb of Time Warner - and an article we received today from the Free Press reads and we quote under fair use:

Dear (name withheld),

Just as we're suffering economically, Time Warner Cable is trying to squeeze us even further, forcing millions of customers to pay steep fees for exceeding an absurdly low monthly limit on Internet use.

It's ridiculous. But if you join our call to action right now, we can stop Time Warner Cable from gouging users.  

The company has already announced plans to impose this unfair Internet penalty in parts of Texas, North Carolina and upstate New York. But they plan to go nationwide, and Internet users in Arizona could be next.

Take Action: Don’t Let Time Warner Cable Squeeze You Out

People across the country are rising up in protest. Join them! By signing this letter, you’re telling your representative in Congress to demand a thorough investigation of Time Warner Cable before its scam comes to your community.

Time Warner Cable’s rip-off couldn’t come at a worse time. Congress and President Obama have made widespread use of an affordable and free-flowing Internet a focus of America’s economic recovery plan. 

By curbing people’s ability to use new business and educational tools, watch Internet video, share pictures with family, and connect to new government services, Time Warner Cable is using its market monopoly to cripple the technology millions of people need to be a part of the Internet age.

The company’s scheme would cost customers $15 per month for one gigabyte -- the equivalent of one 30-minute HD television show -- with a penalty fee of $2 for every additional gigabyte over the limit. This trick is designed to make customers think twice before switching off their cable TV and finding the shows they want online.

Though many folks took advantage of our DSL offering when we reported Time Warner's Band Width rationing, Comcasts bid to do the same, and charges per Gigabyte months ago.

We know there are thousands more whom are unaware of it or it has not reached their area to date, but it is coming!

AECNU DSL High Speed Internet Service

To help reign in these greedy giants and their plans to shape traffic to include cost per gigabyte service, AECNU Internet & Computers is in the forefront of keeping costs low to include not adding all kinds of BS fees like the huge corporations do.

We have found that many people trying to cut costs have actually cost themselves more. How? For one example, many folks have disconnected their land line phones, using cell phones, and relying on Cable for Internet Access and some have even gone as far as Satellite Internet ..... in reality they have positioned themselves to pay double, triple, or more of what a basic landline and DSL connectivity costs combined - they cut off their nose in spite of their face.

AECNU DSL High Speed Internet Service

AECNU Internet & Computers offers DSL Service starting at $19.95* a month without any additional fees or charges and the cost for basic service *depends on which major phone company we have to use to send our DSL signal to you. Verizon territory customers may have the option of Naked DSL which means they are not required to have Landline phone service to get our DSL signal.

Saving Money is making Money - so check out AECNU DSL High Speed Internet Service options and see if we can start saving you money without sacrificing High Speed Internet Access and Quality Service.

AECNU DSL High Speed Internet Service

For those whom are choosing to stay with dialup Internet access or do not qualify/cannot get - High Speed Access, AECNU Internet & Computers also offers dial up internet access for just $9 per month covering 98% of the United States and parts of Canada, see Dial Up Service web site for details.



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Order Now & Get a FREE HDMI Cable!* Order Now & Get a FREE HDMI Cable!* Order Now & Get a FREE HDMI Cable!*





Domain Name Sales





A Trillion Dollars

As Politicians casually throw around the word and our money in which we are eternally indebted to include our yet to be born children - A Trillion Dollars - they obviously need a reality check as to just how much a Trillion Dollars represents.

To offer you a graphic illustration as to just how much a Trillion Dollars represents in comparison to a man and just how much the Government is "Borrowing" and throwing away in their porkulus packages ..... here is a realistic perspective of what a Trillion Dollars look like ..... with a Human Being standing next to it .....



Private Label Products to include software FR/EE

Private Label Rights or PLR rights products are products that you can in most events do whatever you want with them. It can be software, e-books, etc. and the PLR rights allow you in most cases to do some or all but not limited to the following:

Rename the product with the name you choose

Sell the product as your own

Combine several PLR products to make a new single product of your own

This means that for many people PLR Products can be the quickest and easiest way to develop and/or come up with a product of the persons own to sell.

Going on right now absolutely FR/EE is the hottest and easiest way to get PLR products with immediate download ..... Drum roll please ..... the answer .....

The Amazing PLR Giveaway

Go there now and sign up to get your fr/ee PLR products right away and start building your business today :-)



Giveaway Events Seeking Contributors


Mothers Day Giveaway Event  - 300 USD Referral Contest

Launches on:     04/30/2009
Closing Doors:   05/31/2009


Greedy Giveaway Event

Launches on:     04/28/2009
Closing Doors:   05/12/2009


Free Membership Central Event

Launches on:     05/11/2009
Closing Doors:   12/31/2020


To YOUR success!

                Joseph Anderson CEO, AECNU Internet & Computers



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