Subject: Then Bob comes along, Reed Floren Giveaway starts Friday, Giveaway Upgrades and more .....


Greetings Friend, welcome to another edition of the AECNU JV Partners Newsletter :-)

1) ..... Then Bob comes along

2) Reed Floren & Stephen Burt Giveaway Starts Friday!

3) Bob writes in about Giveaway Upgrades!

4) Our next upcoming Giveaway Event seeking JV Partners/Contributors



..... Then Bob comes along

Of course there is one of them in every crowd - and of course I am talking about Internet Marketer - Bob - spelled backwards so nobody knows whom we are talking about - wants to offer setting up and manage a Giveaway event for people for just short of three grand - yes you heard me right, three thousand dollars! Oh ..... and do not forget to purchase your domain and software separately.

The same Bob whom cannot even send an html email out correctly! We have been getting these emails for weeks! We even took one of them and put the code in an html editor to see if it came out correctly. It didn't!

Do you seriously want Bob setting up your event and managing your event at any price?


I want you to know I got off track on a wild tangent when I initially intended to just rag about the price ..... sometimes that happens to me when I am writing about an emotionally charged subject.

I actually set out to write about what a rip off this deal is and to prove it I offer those whom own their own legal license to Giveaway Manager 2 and their own domain name the opportunity ..... if they want ..... for us to set up and host their giveaway for two months on our servers for just $150.00


Now if you want us to manage the event too, add another $150.00 to the price tag which will include Gift screening, OTO screening, writing the suspended gift owners etc.


But you will still write your own terms of the Giveaway and other giveaway related documents (we will supply templates), supply the autoresponder info (Get Response or AWeber) , and of course deal with the proceeds sent to your PayPal Account and all funds managed as you see fit :-)

Note: there are absolutely no refunds for this service, but we will do the job :-)

Need a Domain Name? Domain Name Registration



Reed Floren & Stephen Burt Giveaway Starts Friday!

Just announced this past weekend - Stephen Burt and Reed Floren Giveaway

Reed Floren and Stephen Burt Giveaway

Launches on:     10/09/2009
Closing Doors:   10/16/2009



Bob writes in about Giveaway Upgrades!


I just uploaded my gift for the Halloween giveaway. I've sent a promo email to my small list of just under 200 subscribers.

Greetings Bob :-)

sir thank you for your participation in our Giveaways :-)

I have answered your questions below the question you submitted :-)

For each member that joins I'll get 1 credit correct?


And I will need 15 credits for my gift to show. Is this correct?

Yes that is correct sir.

Now since my list is small the chances of me getting 15 credits is small. So I am considering upgrading for $27. Will that give me 50 credits and allow my gift to show?


And lets say that not even one person joins under my link... I'm hoping some will... will that disqualify me and my gift from showing up at all even though I paid for the upgrade?

No it will not disqualify you. Your gift will show until the very end of the event :-)

We know that some giveaways do disqualify or remove the gifts from those without referrals regardless if they upgraded or not.

Since we have begun our Giveaways almost four years ago we have never had this policy.

Actually we view the Giveaways a little different then anyone else that we know of. i.e. it is our job to get our contributors subscribers and this is why we are almost always the number one referrer in our events.

In addition, the upgrade is specifically designed for three things, one to get gift ranking for those with lists, and for those without lists to get a chance to build there list and remain in the event in lieu of referrals :-)

The upgrades also finance the Referral Contest encouraging those with lists, regardless if they have upgraded or not, to compete by sending referrals to get the cash :-) which in turn makes the event more worthwhile for all :-)

If you have any further questions please contact me :-)


Our next upcoming Giveaway Event seeking JV Partners/Contributors


Thanks for Giving Thanksgiving Giveaway

500 USD Referral Contest

Launches on:     10/31/2009
Closing Doors:   11/30/2009


To YOUR success!

                Joseph Anderson CEO, AECNU Internet & Computers



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